B7067 found?

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B7067 found?

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I think I may have just found the B7067. It is the B7069.
As I've just put on the wiki article, the 1971 edition of the OS 1:25,000 sheet labels what is now the B7069 as the B7067. Bearing in mind it has mislabelled part of the B7066 as the B7006, this could be a result of poor handwriting, but as we have never previously found a B7067, perhaps the OS were correct, and someone else got it wrong? After all, the B7066 and B7069 would have been assigned numbers at the same time, so why the gap between the numbers??

Unfortunately the large scale OS sheets are dated 1974 so won't be out of copyright until next year for checking.
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From the SABRE Wiki: B7067 :

The B7067 has only ever been identified from the 1971 revision of the OS 1:25,000 map. It is labelled at the western end of Whitburn, on what is now the B7069. As the same sheet erroneously labels part of the B7066 as the B7006 just the other side of the junction, there is a high likelihood that this is also an error. However, the fact that the B7066 and B7067 would have

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