OS Routemaster maps c1980

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OS Routemaster maps c1980

Post by rileyrob » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:02

I have recently acquired copies of 2 OS Routemaster maps for Scotland: Sheet 2 Northern Scotland dated 1979 and Sheet 4 Central Scotland & Northumberland dated 1981. Some of the things I have spotted are as follows, although obviously some could be errors:

:arrow: The A840 has gone from Thurso, but the A8002?? is still marked in Wick
:arrow: The A835 Gorstan (Garve) bypass is not built, and the A832 is still single track all the way to Kinlochewe.
:arrow: The A887 is mostly still single track, just the two ends are shown as S2
:arrow: The A830 still has lots of single track beyond Lochailort, and the A851 on Skye is all single track
:arrow: The A951 (Aviemore) is still shown
:arrow: The Huntly bypass on the A96 is under construction
:arrow: The A944 has not yet been extended and the A97 and B9119 have not yet been swapped at Dinnet

And the big changes along the A9 route:
:arrow: Invergordon Bypass is shown as A9 but no Alness or Evanton bypass, so the A9 follows Obsdale Road into Alness, and meets the B817 in the town centre. Also, the Kildary bypass section is not shown as built, so the A9 still runs through the bends. The Tain Bypass is under construction and the A836 still crosses over Struie Hill. Finally, the road to Nigg is unclassified - neither the B9163 or B9175.
:arrow: The Cromarty Bridge and A9 across the Black Isle are all shown as under construction (The A9 from the Cromarty Bridge to Tore looks like it might be open but unclassified).
:arrow: There is no sign of the Kessock Bridge, but both approaches are shown as open and A roads!!
:arrow: The A9 therefore still runs west through Beauly and Dingwall, in the latter town both the current and historic route through the town centre are shown as A roads. Nevertheless, the old A862 is already shown as downgraded to B862, so this was obviously done well in advance of the A9 being moved.
:arrow: Continuing south, the A9 is dualled to Daviot, and the Moy bypass is under construction. Tomatin Bypass is open, but both old and new roads are shown as A roads. Slochd to Granish (A95) is also shown as under construction
:arrow: Aviemore, to Newtonmore the A9 still follows the old road, and the B970 still meets the A9 south of Newtonmore. However, the Dalwhinnie bypass is open.

South sheet to follow later!
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From the SABRE Wiki: A840 :

The A840 was a short branch from Thurso town centre (specifically Sir John's Square, on the original route of the A88) down to the railway station along Princes Street. In 1922, the continuation of this road along Ormlie Road was unclassified but later in the 1920s it was numbered B874. Aside from the

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