Colonsay - Roads downgraded?

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Colonsay - Roads downgraded?

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I was browsing through the wiki and stumbled across the articles for the roads B8085, B8086 and B8087 on the island of Colonsay off Scotland. However, zooming into the OpenStreetMap mapbox revealed that these roads are marked as tertiary (or in one case, unclassified) with no numbers. Going onto the full OSM website and querying features showed that they had been downgraded, with the text "Colonsay no longer has any classified roads". Could anyone confirm the downgrading, and if the roads have indeed been downgraded, change the routebox to the black former route colour.
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From the SABRE Wiki: B8085 :

The B8085 is a short road at the southern end of the Isle of Colonsay.

The route starts around a mile west of the Ferry Pier in the village of Scalasaig, the island's biggest settlement. The junction with the B8086 is completely unsigned, and the road heads off south without even a give way line. A short straight leads to a brief climb

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