Declassified roads remembered

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Declassified roads remembered

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I had to make a trip from home to Cradley Heath on Saturday afternoon to pick up some home brewing kit. I decided to let Google Maps do the routefinding, and it took me via Halesowen and Old Hill - but just short of reaching the latter it diverted me down a side road called Beechcroft Road, which led to Lawrence Lane; this bypassed Old Hill town centre to the west and took me from A459 to A4100 without using the official Old Hill by-pass. The road is unclassified on all mapping sources, but the kind lady on Google Maps told me that it was B4513. I find that this is the former number of the road from before the by-pass was built, but it's odd that the routing information thinks that the number is still live when all other evidence - includng the map itself - points to the opposite. That said, we don't have any information on the Wiki as to when it was declassified.

Has anyone else come across instances of old numbers being announced by guidance systems for declassified roads?

As a side issue, demerit points to Sandwell Council as I couldn't find a list of their classified roads anywhere on the council website. If you know where they're hiding it, please tell me.
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From the SABRE Wiki: B4513 :

The B4513 ran though Old Hill, a locality now in the metropolitan borough of Sandwell in the Black Country, roughly equidistant between Dudley, Halesowen, Stourbridge, and Oldbury. Owing to the road's short length its history is not fully known but it had definitely gained its number by the mid-1950s. The road connected the A4100 Reddal Hill Road to the

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