Bridge Collapse in Pittsburgh USA

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Re: Bridge Collapse in Pittsburgh USA

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Fenlander wrote: Mon Jan 31, 2022 13:01
fras wrote: Sun Jan 30, 2022 19:22 UK roads are in a similar precarious state after decades of budget cuts, although so far no bridge collapses.
5 years and counting for this pavement collapse, its an NSL stretch of road so you're brave if you try to walk past it along the road.
That kind of thing really annoys me. Either it's acutely dangerous and needs fixing, in which case cone it off so no-one comes to grief and fix it ASAP. Or it isn't, in which case don't force people to walk in the road on a narrow road with a 60 mph limit. You can't have it both ways. Going from the GSV footage, I'd go with the latter - it's hardly impossible to walk on (any more than the rest of that excuse for a pavement is, at any rate).
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