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Is it true that the Lower Thames Crossing is to be numbered as the A122 ?. As some of us know the original A122 was the road from Epping to Chelmsford but all of this road was renumbered in the 1970s when the M11 was completed. This sign in Chelmsford has now been removed but it was left in place long after the A122 ceased to exist. I'm not sure how to add this picture of the A122 mileage sign to the A122 (former) page on the Wiki and was wondering if anyone else knows how to do so.
A122 (mileage sign)
A122 (mileage sign)
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Re: A122

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Go into:


Pick the photo from your hard drive, give it a title, add date taken and location (if you can rememer). You can edit in the photo credit afterwards. Oh just to add you can select the gallery it's to point to (A122) from within this process.
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