B4304 / B4305 Llanelli

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B4304 / B4305 Llanelli

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There seems to be an amount of confusion / contradiction surrounding the routes of the B4304 and B4305 in Llanelli.

1922 text:

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B4304	Llanelly (Park Street, Stepney Street, Station Road and New Dock Road)	Park Street & Stepney Street pedestrianised
B4305	Llanelly (James Street, Stepney Place and Murray Street)	        James Street unclassified; rest A4214/lost under supermarket
2002 DfT text:

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B4304    Llanelly (Box - G.W.Dock.)
B4305    Llanelly (Station Road (part), Stepney Street, Park Street.)
Added to this, the MOT map, on close inspection seems to assign the B4305 number to the more northerly route, and the B4304 to the more southerly route starting in/near Box - ie as described in 2002.
Apart from (erroneously?) marking the northern end of Station Road as part of the B4309, the OS 1:10000 maps on the NLS site also support the 2002 text.

Is this therefore a rare occurrence of an error in the 1922 list?
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From the SABRE Wiki: B4304 :

The B4304 constitutes a southern bypass of Llanelli, its main line forming a nearly 4-mile-long loop off the A484 from Sandy in the west to Berwick in the east.

It has two branches: one (unnumbered on the ground) running from Llanelli town centre to join the route roughly halfway along its course at Machynys; and a second (unnumbered on many maps) starting at

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