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Having trouble using part of the SABRE website? Or maybe you want more information about the Society or the way it works?

Contact SABRE for information

SABRE is happy to supply information on roads for research purposes. We have already been a source of research for the BBC, Cambridge University and the National Library of Scotland, amongst many more.

To contact SABRE, please email We may announce your queries in the discussion forums to gain a wider source of information.

Please note that while we endeavour to ensure all information is correct, SABRE cannot be held responsible for any innacuracies that may result from using the site as a source.

Help on SABRE

To find help on an area of SABRE, please click on one of the left hand options :

  • About SABRE - to find more information about what SABRE is and how it is run
  • Forum FAQ - for help with the discussion forums.
  • Wiki FAQ - for help with Roaders Digest - The SABRE Wiki (which has superseded the older Roaders Digest, First 99 and Roads by 10 projects)
  • Maps FAQ - for help with SABRE's online mapping system, containing both current and historical road maps

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