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Time, the commander of us all dictates that once again, Sabristi from across these islands are called to gather together in a central location to chat about roads, look at old maps and documents, and generally have a good time.

There's also the AGM, where the new President and SMT are announced, and where you get to ask questions of officers old and new if you so wish.

The Great Western is CAMRA approved, and as befits its location between the two historic city centre stations, is full of railway memorabilia. In addition to being less than five minutes walk from the mainline station, it also has its own free car park.

Whilst the AGM starts at 1pm, people normally start arriving from noon; and SABRE has space booked within the conservatory, though on sunny days we tend to decamp to the beer garden.

If you're looking to make a weekend of it, there is plenty of hotel accommodation available in the city centre, with the nearest being the Wolverhampton City Centre Premier Inn at the Low Level Station.

Date: 4th April 2020 1300
Location: The Great Western, Sun Street, Wolverhampton WV10 0DG

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How to Get There

By car: Sun Street is just off Wednesfield Road (A4124), just off the Inner Ring Road. Access from the north is via the A449 (which is your best option) and A460, or via the A454 from the east, all of which lead from the M6 and/or M54. Don't use the A4123 unless you are really, really, really interested in traffic lights in stop start traffic.
Note that vehicular access via Corn Hill is now open once more, as this now forms the new entrance to the High Level station.

By train: Wolverhampton station is just around the corner, and is an important stop on the West Coast Main Line.

Access the Great Western via the new drop off car park. In this case, turn left immediately out of the station entrance, and follow the path alongside the drop off car park until you meet the exit from the multi-storey car park. Turn left into Corn Hill, and follow the road under the railway lines. The Great Western is immediately in front of you.

By coach: Wolverhampton has regular National Express coach services from all over the country. Coaches currently stop within the Bus station, from just the opposite side of the Inner Ring Road from the mainline railway station, easily reached via a ground-level footbridge. It is approximately 6 minutes walk from the venue.

By tram: Wolverhampton St. Georges is the northern terminus of the Midland Metro that runs between the two major cities of the West Midlands conurbation. It is located in Bilston Street, and is approximately 10 minutes walk from the venue.

By air: if you're wanting to travel by air, then Wolverhampton Airport is to the southwest of the city, but does not currently have any scheduled services. The nearest airport with scheduled services to Dublin, Belfast and Aberdeen is Birmingham Airport, which has direct trains and is located three Inter-City rail stations away via Birmingham International.

By spatial time vortex: Please ensure you use the nineteenth century turn off just after Archaleous Prime or you will end up in the Dark Ages.

Who's coming?

the cheesecake manNObviously not but hopefully next time...25/03/2020
rachandsaraiNCan't come to it but if it stream online I will watch24/03/2020
ScottB5411Y?If it's held online, I might be there16/03/2020
Johnathan404NUnfortunately I think I've left it too late to book travel. And I'm down to work that day. Shame because I'd been looking forward to a SABRE event!05/03/2020
Ritchie333YTickets booked!03/03/2020
DadgeYIt's either SABRE or Scrabble!02/03/2020
FleetlinePhilYNo clash with our son's visit, it now appears.23/02/2020
HandShandyYYup, be good to go again.17/02/2020
PeterA5145N?Unlikely, even though it's one of my favourite pubs16/02/2020
MarcelYBooked now.11/02/2020
Duncan macknightY?I shall try and get time off...08/02/2020
Peter350YNewcomer to SABRE events. Looking forward to this!04/02/2020
roadtesterY99 per cent certain03/02/2020
Chris5156Y?Hoping so, unless work gets in the way!03/02/2020
rhydsY?Should be able to make it depending on family committments03/02/2020
M5LenzarN?Unlikely with my feelings towards SABRE as they are03/02/2020
stu20_ml2YWe'll be there :)02/02/2020
jerviY?Added to the calendar. Should be free, unless something else comes up02/02/2020
SabristaYOf course!01/02/2020
TruveloYWith some more maps of never built GSJs01/02/2020
StevenYI suppose so, just this once...01/02/2020

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