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Since its founding by Brad Jackson in 2001, SABRE has had 20 glorious years devoted to the Study and Appreciation of the British (and Irish!) Roads Experience - the phrase that originally gave rise to SABRE's name.

Join us on Zoom, wherever you are, as we reflect on the ups and downs, everything we've learned, and all that is yet to come!

Date: Sat., 14 Aug. 2021 2:00 PM
Location: Zoom

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How to Get There

SABRE is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: SABRE at 20
Time: Aug 14, 2021 02:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

(if you can't click on the above URL you can also click the 'View Map' button above to join the meeting)

Meeting ID: 815 8471 1317
Passcode: SABRE20

Who's coming?

FleetlinePhilNSorry, I'm visiting family - and actually driving somewhere! Hope it goes well. If it was a real meeting in Wolverhampton I could have called in.13/08/2021
jcb336NSorry we now have family coming.13/08/2021
IANNSorry about the change of mind but my mother has passed away very recently and I'm not in the mood for socialising12/08/2021
Jack RussellNAttending a wedding as Usher11/08/2021
rachandsaraiY?Not working so should be able to come on if I'm not busy but happy to come on when I can.08/08/2021
c2RNI'll be on a ferry all day, sorry!18/07/2021
EpicChefNWill be on the way to Majorca...12/07/2021
EnceladusYHope to finally make a SABRE meet11/07/2021
Duncan macknightY?hopefully!08/07/2021
ravenbluemoonYShould be able to make it for a little while.03/07/2021
frediculous_biggsNUnfortunately not :(02/07/2021
Chris5156Y?Hoping to!01/07/2021

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