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Ten things that any self-respecting SABRE member should do...

Suggested by M4Man:

  1. Visit the M6 Preston bypass as a tribute to the first motorway
  2. Visit the A6144(M) as it is the worst motorway
  3. Take a trip on one of the free ferries
  4. Locate and visit the mythical location in central London where the single digit A roads converge - i.e. the centre of all things as far as numbering in England and Wales goes.
  5. Locate and visit the point where the A7/A8/A9 and A1 meet in Edinburgh.
  6. Get out of Cambridge city centre by car in less than two hours
  7. Visit one of the 'magic roundabouts' and drive the 'wrong way' round it
  8. Pick a good duplicated road (the B5444 sounds good) and travel from the beginning of one to the far end of the other part of the road.
  9. Drive the old route of a radically altered A road e.g A414, A50 or A14
  10. Visit the A10402, otherwise known as Great Union Street in Hull. (the only 5 digit A road).

Some alternatives from Mistral:

The last word, however, must go to Viator:
True-faith Sabristi will not feel their lives complete before they have paid homage to their patroness at the Island Shrine (sorry, Guy: Roundabout Shrine) of St Genevieve in Fornham -- their ears ever closed to the infidels' cry of "I come to Bury St Edmunds, not to Fornham".

There, having first made the Sign of the Cloverleaf and Trumpet* they will face each of the four holy destinations of the B1106 (Culford, All Saints, St Martins, and Barton Bottom) and proclaim at each turn the sacred words of St Genevieve which are also the Sabre motto: "Duplicatio, duplicatio, duplicatio duplicatorum: duplicatio in multiplex".

The Cloverleaf and Trumpet, by the way, is an excellent pub which opens each Sunday night at 19.00 hrs in the Sabre chat room, serving both alcohol-free lager to drivers and lager-free alcohol to those of us who know a good pint and are prepared to make our way there on cyber public transport (don't worry about getting home: the buses run virtually all night)...

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