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The Management

As a constituted Society, SABRE has a number of Elected Officers - collectively termed the management - who look after the Society and its website. They are elected in our annual elections in Spring each year. On this page, you can find out more about these people, what they do for you, and how you can get in touch with them.

Previous Management teams, going right back to 2001 are listed on a separate page.


The President serves as a neutral figure, mainly to administer SABRE's elections and other votes and, if needed, adjudicate in disputes between members. Since the President runs elections, he or she cannot take part in them, and therefore each election must see a new President elected. The full list of the President's duties is in the Constitution.

Alex Cameron (FosseWay)

Alex's official e-mail address is

Site Manager

The Site Manager is responsible for the day to day running of the SABRE website and, in particular, the discussion forums. This includes moderating the boards, welcoming new members and promoting the discussion group. These tasks and others are shared with the Assistant Site Managers, though the Site Manager takes greater responsibility for them. The full list of the Site Manager's duties is in the Constitution.

You can contact the Site Management Team using the Contact form.

Rhydian Edwards (rhyds) Rhyds joined SABRE in 2006 after finding the society via the Pathetic Motorways site, and what was then CBRD, now His main interests are cars and driving, with some passing interest in IT due to his working in the industry.

Rhyds lives in North Wales, in a part rich in great views and poetry but totally bereft of both dual carriageways and grade-separated junctions

Assistant Site Managers

The Assistant Site Managers have the same responsibilities as the Site Manager (above) - usually the Site Management Team decides how best to share out the responsibilities, and this differs from year to year. The full list of the Assistant Site Manager's duties is in the Constitution.

You can contact the Site Management Team using the Contact form

Rob Baker (frediculous_biggs) Rob has been a member of Sabre since 2006, although had a number of years dormant. In recent times, he has joined as a development volunteer before being first elected in a 2018 by-election. Like most members, he thought no-one else had such an interest before discovering the holy trinity of Sabre, CBRD and Pathetic Motorways. He lives in Medway and is an avid Gillingham FC season ticket holder, while also enjoying travelling on and discovering the history of the London Underground. Rob's other interests include Formula 1 and video games, especially the Football Manager series.

Scott Spencer (ScottB5411)

Scott has been a member of Sabre since 2010, has served on the committee since 2011 (bar a short spell), is a past Secretary, and has been one of the site's Social Media Administrators since the post's inception. He is one of our many members who thought "they were the only one" in their road obsession until he discovered the CBRD site (now in 2008 which led him to the Sabre website. In 2012, Scott moved across the pond to the American mid-west for a very blinkered and regretful reason and now currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. Alongside his interest in all things road, Scott is an avid train enthusiast and likes Formula 1 and cricket. This is his third consecutive term as an elected member of the Sabre Site Management Team.

Chris Bertram (Chris Bertram)

Chris discovered Brad Jackson’s original SABRE page in 2000, and has been a member of SABRE since it started with an MSN forum in 2001. Like many others in the society, he was astonished to find that there were so many like-minded people about with an interest in the quirks and secrets of the British road network. Living in the English midlands, by day he’s an IT consultant, by night and at the weekends he’s a musician, but he also loves rugby (with a season ticket at Moseley RFC) and cricket. On a drive of any length, he’s as likely to take the longer but more interesting way to his destination as the short, fast way. This is his first term as ASM


The Treasurer, as you would expect, looks after SABRE's finances. Principally this involves collecting voluntary donations from members, administering the bank account and making sure costs for domain names and web hosting are paid.

Paul Martin (nowster)

Paul has been a member of SABRE since August 2004, and became Treasurer in 2009. He is also SABRE's IT manager, having day-to-day responsibility for the upkeep of the SABRE server.

Paul's official e-mail address is

Elected Committee Members

In addition to the Elected Officers, at the annual elections in Spring each year, three members of SABRE are elected to serve on the SABRE Committee. Their role is to oversee the Elected Officers, and to act as a point of reference and guidance to the Elected and Appointed Officers. For the 2019/2020 term, there are 3 extra Elected Committee Members due to a number of SMT being re-elected at the Election.

Richard Macer-Wright (RichardA35)

Richard has been a member of SABRE since 2002, and has served a previous term on the Committee. He has a day job of building new roads which he has been doing for far longer than he can remember.

Ritchie Swann (Ritchie333)

Chris Saunders (A303Chris)

Chris joined SABRE in 2005 and has been interested in roads and maps since he was a child and has a collection of over 700 maps. He has been employed in Transport Planning and Highway Engineering for over 30 years and away from his job/hobby he is a keen cyclist, golfer and football supporter.

Appointed Officers

Each year the President appoints a number of volunteers to assist with various parts of SABRE. These posts can change annually with the needs of the Society.

These are the 2019-20 officers:

Secretary (for Voting Membership enquiries)

Serena Torz (Sabrista)

Web Development and Server Management

Paul Martin (nowster)
Andy Boal (AndyB)
Owen Rudge (orudge)
Tim (ForestChav)
Rob Baker (Frediculous_biggs)
Ritchie Swann (Ritchie333)

Social Media Caretakers

Scott Spencer (ScottB5411)
Simon Douglas (Burns)
David Wilkins (roadtester)
Glen Wallace (Glen)

SABRE Wiki Caretakers

Chris (c2R)
Kevin Flynn (Viator)
rileyrob (rileyrob)
Steven Jukes (Steven)

SABRE Maps caretaker

Steven Jukes (Steven)

Photo of the Month Co-ordinators

Tim (ForestChav)

Awayday and Roadtrip coordinators

David Wilkins (roadtester)
Owain Wright (Owain)


The current list of committee members may be viewed here. Committee is made up of the Elected Officers, Elected Committee Members, Appointed Officers, and the previous year's Elected Officers who are currently:

Owain Wright (Owain)
Matthew Cockburn (exiled)


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