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National Sites

Great North Road

( Last updated : Monday, 14th December 2020)

Major Roads of Great Britain
Reviews of motorways and other major roads in Great Britain, information about the numbering system, discussion of anomalies, and much more.

Pathetic Motorways
Tours round the UK and Ireland looking at unsung motorways. Features current, former, lost and unbuilt parts of the motorway network with photos, videos and maps. Also contains features about the motorway network such as the Might Have Been Map.
( Last updated : Saturday, 26th October 2019) (formerly CBRD)
Britain's biggest and most frequently updated roads website. Including strip maps of every UK motorway, histories, new road schemes, photos, and videos.
( Last updated : Thursday, 24th August 2023)

Rural Roads
This site focuses on Britain's rural routes through some stunning landscapes, including the Lake District, Dartmoor, the Peak District, Brecon Beacons, the Gower.
( Last updated : Thursday, 13th September 2007)

The original site including the School of Roads & Roads Policy, top and bottom ten roads, old maps, motorway images, and many other great items.

UK Roads
General site on roads in the UK, touching on Fun Junctions, Going Underground, Numbering Quirks, Ring Roads, Road Trips, Strip Maps, and Unfinished Business.
( Last updated : Monday, 13th March 2006)

Regional Sites

Ashford & Shepway Roads database
A comprehensive narrative of all the four-figure A and B roads in the Ashford and Folkestone areas of Kent, with quirky local info. Now a blog-based page, there are also more detailed blogs on the A2070, B2067 and the South Coast Trunk Road.
( Last updated : Tuesday, 8th March 2016)

Glasgows Motorways is the only website dedicated to the history and development of the motorways of the Greater Glasgow area. Includes the M8, M74, M77, M80 & many more. On Twitter @GlasgowsMways
( Last updated : Sunday, 2nd February 2020)

Irish motorway info

( Last updated : Tuesday, 12th April 2011)

Northern Ireland Roads Site
Concentrates on information on Northern Ireland's existing motorways and dual carriageways, as well as details of future road building schemes of all types.
( Last updated : Sunday, 17th February 2008)

Route 6
Looking at the A6 and M6,from Carlisle to London, the route, junctions, cities, towns & villages that both roads pass through
( Last updated : Monday, 5th March 2007)

Sheffield Roads Portal

( Last updated : Saturday, 12th August 2006)

Specific Sites

A1 - The Great North Road
The Great North Road from London to Edinburgh: its history, geography, and things along the route that take my fancy.

Follow The Brown Signs

( Last updated : Thursday, 24th November 2011)

Forton Services

( Last updated : Saturday, 14th February 2009)

From Watford Gap to Camelot
The amazing A361 and its equally amazing website.

Motorway Service Area Trivia Site
Motorway services then and now.
( Last updated : Saturday, 3rd January 2009)

Motorway Services Info
Catalogues and reviews UK service areas.
( Last updated : Wednesday, 22nd September 2010)

Motorway Services Online
An online guide to motorway services, attempting to catalogue useful information for people that use them and occasional serious research into their background.
( Last updated : Friday, 17th May 2019)

Pre-Motorway New Roads
Listing major trunk road projects implemented before the Motorway Age.

Traffic Signals Online
A website devoted to the world of Traffic Control and Technologies, including an inventory of Simon's collection.
( Last updated : Monday, 1st September 2008)

Turnpike Roads in England

( Last updated : Thursday, 27th August 2009)

Urban Country Lanes
An on-line database of rural roads that have survived urbanisation - includes photos and guided tours.
( Last updated : Sunday, 12th February 2006)

Wet Roads
An excellent site that lists every ford in the UK.
( Last updated : Friday, 26th January 2007)

Map Sites

Old Map Site
Provides old map scans taken over a 40 year period from the late 1940s to the late 1980s showing how the road network has developed in key areas.
( Last updated : Friday, 2nd June 2006)

Ordnance Survey Road Map of Great Britain 1932
Ever wondered how the road system looked 70 years ago?

Photo Galleries

Diversionary Tactics, ie.Roads
Holiday Roads. The trek to the west, in pre motorway days.
( Last updated : Sunday, 28th September 2014)

Gavin's Utubes

( Last updated : Tuesday, 20th May 2008)

M8 Glasgow
This is a photo tour along the M8 through central Glasgow, starting at J22, the M77 junction, and working east through to J14.

Notts Roads
A6514 - Nottingham Ring Road; Derbyshire; Misc Photos; Nottingham South; Nottingham to Nuthall via the A610; Roads of Nottingham.

Roads and Things

( Last updated : Monday, 15th May 2023)

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