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From:  Patching (TQ090054)
To:  Goring-by-Sea (TQ104037)
Distance:  1.7 miles (2.7 km)
Meets:  A27, A280, A259, A2032
Old route now:  C37
Highway Authorities

West Sussex

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A2700 Patching - Goring-by-Sea

The A2700 may or may not be an A road to the west of Worthing. It runs through the South Downs National Park along Titnore Lane from Patching to Goring.


Titnore Lane

Beginning at Clapham Interchange on the A27 (where it also meets the A280), it leaves the southern roundabout of the dumbbell and turns sharply left, before taking a sweeping right bend to join the original alignment of Titnore Lane (which originally ended at a T-junction on the A27). It runs through Goring and Titnore Woods, forming the boundary between the two. There are sharp bends at the south end of the woods, though the edge of road remains wooded for 100 yards or so afterwards. There is a T-junction for Titnore Way, which serves the development that spurred the road's classification as an A road due to promising upgrades. 200 yards later, at the junction for St Barnabas House, we meet some of those upgrades: the road is wider south of here and there's a right-turn lane for the two side turns. Another 200 yards later, the road ends at Goring Crossways, a roundabout where the A259 and A2032 meet.


The A2700 was created when Clapham Interchange was built as a GSJ, though this classification was then rescinded as a mistake as the road was not deemed of good enough quality to be an A-road. It was scheduled to be straightened/widened as part of a new housing development in West Durrington, but this was met by objections by people who like the trees instead. The current planning application for the housing site does not include straightening/widening the road so much, so whether the classification will become official once more is uncertain.


The A2700 on Ordnance Survey 1:10k Mapping

The road remains signposted at the A27/A280 junction, though some references have been blacked out and the flag sign pointing down the road has been replaced with one that has no reference to that number. At the A259/A2032 junction it has never been signed as A2700 at all, but instead as (A27). West Sussex Council sometimes use the number to refer to the road in documentation and sometimes do not, claiming that the road is currently part of the Class III road C37.

The Ordnance Survey usually map it as unclassified, though there are A2700 references on 1:10,000 mapping (see left).


  • Worthing Society - page relating the history from the view of those opposed to the classification.

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