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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Camelon (NS853808)
To:  Denny (NS808829)
Distance:  3.3 miles (5.3 km)
Meets:  A803, B905, A8004, M876, A872
Former Number(s):  B818, A872, A80
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A883 Camelon - Denny


The A883 is a short, surprisingly rural A-road in east Stirlingshire.

The road starts on the western edge of Falkirk at a roundabout on the A803 and heads westwards. Just after the junction, the road crosses the now-dismantled Denny branch of the Scottish Central Railway (later the Caledonian Railway and the LMS), which it then follows all the way to Denny, where both road and branch finish.

Crossing the Bonny Water, we come to a roundabout and the rather spread out junction 1 of the M876. The motorway itself can only be reached from this roundabout via other roads; to the north is the B905 to Larbert, which is accessed from the southbound M876 via an unclassified road. To the south is the A8004 which seems to have no purpose other than to connect to the southbound motorway onslip, asking the question why it needs to exist given that the southbound offslip comes out on an unclassified road. On the motorway, there is a gap of half a mile between the off and on slips, but double that if you come and go back on. This roundabout, incidentally, is where the old A876 crossed the A883 at a staggered junction (or possibly the other way around), before the motorway replaced the A road, which is now the B905/A88 north-eastwards and unclassified south-westwards. Passing under the motorway, the northbound slips form a very compact trumpet onto the north side of the A883.

Broad Street, Denny

After the motorway, the A883 has been obviously realigned in a couple places, before entering Denny. We come to a staggered crossroads where the A883 TOTSOs north at traffic lights, taking over part of the former A872, which was diverted around the western side of Denny. Today, the A883 turns north and then west again before meeting the A872 end-on at a former TOTSO, now a mini roundabout, just to the south of Denny Bridge, with the A872 turning north over the bridge.


When the roads were first classified in 1922, the A883 was the eastern end of the B818, that route continuing along Duke Street from its current terminus into the centre of Denny. However, by 1932 the eastern end had been upgraded to become the A883, which terminated on the A80 at the staggered crossroads in the centre of Denny. This situation survived until the A80 was re-routed around the west side of Denny onto the current route of the A872. This is believed to shortly pre-date the opening of the M80 in 1974, and the renumbering of the former A80 as the A872. Whichever came first, the A883 was extended westwards along the former route of the A80/A872 to its current terminus at Denny Bridge.

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