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This SABRE Maps Coverage Project is to provide online coverage of the OS One Inch Fifth Edition and associated maps; such as Tourist or District sheets at the One Inch scale in Fifth Edition style; and the Two-Inch Scilly Isles maps. Because only maps covering the southern parts of England were published (with the exception of two Scottish Tourist sheets), it's not possible to offer coverage of the whole of Great Britain.

Generally speaking, Fifth Edition maps come in several types:

  • Relief, showing hill shading
  • Contour, showing hills by the use of contour lines
  • Black
  • Outline

Some map revisions were printed as one, two, or all types, and in these cases SABRE Maps uses one of the Relief or Contour versions, and never an Outline or Black version.

The eventual aim is to get a copy of every revision of every Fifth Edition sheet online, within the above caveats.

Which projection type are these maps?

See Also: SABRE Maps/Calibrating

The OS One Inch Fifth Edition uses the National Yard Grid and should be georeferenced accordingly.

How do I find out the date of each map?

Early Fifth Edition maps have revision codes that look like this, 9200/31 in this example, which dates the map to 1931
Later Fifth Edition revision code, 3035 in this example, dating the map to 1935
See Also: SABRE Maps/OS Copyright

Annoyingly, the OS didn't actually put the exact date of the map on each map. The date that appears on the map (usually with the words First published by the Director General at the Ordnance Survey Office) often is not the correct date of the map, but the date of the first revision of the map. Roads, along with other minor corrections were actually updated on every revision, so the map you have may be from a number of years away from the most obvious date. Fortunately, Fifth Edition maps have some of the most easily understood revision codes on them, so one look at them will tell you which map revision you have.

Revision codes on Fifth Edition sheets can be found in one of two places. In early Fifth Edition maps, they are located right at the bottom right of the map sheet, underneath the margin texts; whilst in most sheets, they are located immediately under the bottom left corner of the maps themselves, between the map and the key.

Revision codes appear in the heading within SABRE Maps, and so this information is extremely valuable to capture.

Progress by every sheet ever printed

This table only gives "Relief" and "Colour" editions, which are the most useful. There were also other versions of Fifth Edition mapping, such as "Black" and "Outline", which are not included here.

Circa 1934, during the general migration from "Relief" (with coloured heights) to "Colour" (with contour lines), there were often printings of both types in the year, and sometimes two of one type. These are almost identical in other respects and so the form "x/34" or "x34" is used for the various printings as only one is required for online mapping. The exact edition used requires capturing for the map annotation display.


Available on Maps Online, but needs replacement source Unconfirmed Revision Within the pipeline Not currently available
Sheet Name 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1945 1947 1954 1959
93 The Cotswolds 6039
94 Oxford 6038
95 Luton / St. Albans x35 80/38
96 Hertford and Saffron Walden 3335 4036 4038
102 Bristol and Newport 5038
106 NW London and Watford 3035 6035,6036 80/37 8039
107 London and Epping Forest 3035 6036 10038
108 Chelmsford and Southend 8036 5039
111 Bristol and Bath 60/37 6039
112 Swindon and Devizes 50/38 3040
113 Reading and Newbury 4700/33 x/34 40/36 60/39
114 SW London and Windor / London District x/34 6036 10037 10038
115 SE London and Dartford x/34 6035 10038
118 Barnstaple 4600/33 x/34 3036 5038
119 Exmoor x/34 4035 4038
123 Winchester and Basingstoke 3500/33 x/34 3036
124 Guildford x/34 3535 40/37
125 Reigate and Tunbridge Wells 6536 40/37 6038
127 Bideford and Bude 3200/33 2000/34 4036 3041
128 Tiverton 2600/33 x/34 4036
129 Taunton and Minehead 40/37
130 Shaftesbury and Wells 50/37
131 Salisbury and Winchester 5038 5039
132 Guildford and Petersfield 6039
136 Bodmin x/34 4036 4038
137 Tavistock and Okehampton 5000/32 1000/34 4036
138 Exeter 5200/33 1000/34 4536 5039
139 Sidmouth and Lyme Regis 60/37 3040
140 Bournemouth and Weymouth 80/37 8039
141 Southampton, Portsmouth and IoW 8037 10038
142 Brighton and Chichester 6039
143 Truro and St Austell x/34 5035 60/37 6039
144 Plymouth 9200/31 x/34 4536 4040
145 Torquay 5200/32 x/34 5036 6038 6039
146 Lands End and Lizard x/34 5035 60/37 8039
- Aldershot North 4000/32
- Aldershot South 4000/32
- Dartmoor 5036 4038
- Exmoor Forest 5036 6038
- New Forest 8038
- The Cairngorms 5036
- Oban 4036
- Isles of Scilly (2 inch) 1000/33 1035 20/37 3045/Ch 3261 3261 3261


  • Sheet 102 Revision 5038 source is missing southern quarter.
  • The three editions of the Isles of Scilly sheet with the revision code of 3261 can be told apart by the different pricings printed on the sheet, 1/6, 2/3 and 3/- respectively

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