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Widcombe Parade

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Widcombe Parade
Location Map ( geo)
Widcombe Baptist Church - Geograph - 5060884.jpg
The now two way canal bridge for the A3062
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Widcombe, Bath
Highway Authority
Bath and North East Somerset
Junction Type
complex one-way system
Roads Joined
A36, A3062
Junctions related to the A3062

Current layout

Since June 2015, Widcombe Parade in Bath has not formed part of the A36. It is now largely restored to the status of a local high street, carrying a single lane of traffic eastbound only (the opposite direction to its previous flow). The A36 now runs in both directions along the newer Rossiter Road just to the north of it. Pulteney Road South (formerly also part of the westbound A36) is now two-way, carrying the A3062. The only through traffic on Widcombe Parade is from the eastbound A36 to the A3062 and Widcombe Hill, since there is no right turn from the A36 into the A3062.

Widcombe Parade in 2008

Former layout

Before June 2015, as the A36 passed through Widcombe, just across the River Avon from Bath city centre, it became a one-way system with west bound traffic following Widcombe Parade to reach the Churchill Bridge Roundabout, and eastbound traffic using the much newer Rossiter Road.

The A3062 descended Prior Park Road to meet the A36 westbound lane at the corner of Widcombe Parade. Traffic intending to head north/east on the A36 therefore needed to follow Widcombe Parade before doubling back onto Rossiter Road at the end of the shops. Equally, traffic destined from eastbound A36 to the A3062 needed to use the right turn lane on Rossiter Road.

At almost the same point that the A3062 joined, the unclassified Widcombe Hill also met the A36. Whilst it may be unclassified, Widcombe Hill leads up to the University at Claverton Down, making it the main route for the students living in Oldfield Park and to a lesser extent Twerton. All of this combined to make this a very busy junction, with the small shopping street of Widcombe Parade itself having to cope with a substantial volume of traffic.

Widcombe Parade
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Claverton Street, Widcombe - Geograph - 978437.jpgWidcombe Baptist Church - Geograph - 5060884.jpg
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