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1922 Road Lists/Zone 2 Class II

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Number Route Notes
B200 London (St Thomas Street) A200/unclassified
B201 London (Loop at Borough) Unclassified
B202 London (Long Lane - Abbey Street) Long Lane now A2198
B203 London (Upper Grange Road) Now called Dunton Road
B204 London (Rolls Road - Humphrey Street - Catlin Street) Humphrey Street actually comes before Rolls Road
B205 London (Rotherhithe Street - Redriff Road (part) ) Possibly moved one block inland
B206 London (Plough Road - Grove Street)
B207 London (Bush Road - Trundley's Road - Woodpecker Road - Clifton Hill) Northernmost section A200, southern half unclassified and largely closed to traffic.
B208 London (Egerton Road - Norman Road)
B209 London (Hyde Vale)
B210 London (Charlton Road - Wallington Street to Woolwich Arsenal) Easternmost section unclassified
B211 London (Westcombe Hill - Old Dover Road) Westcombe Hill now unclassified
B212 London (St John's Park Road - Lee Road - Baring Road to Bromley) Lee Road to Bromley now A2212
B213 London (Basildon Road (part), McLeod Road etc. to St John's Church, Erith)
B214 London (Albany Road)
B215 London (Trafalgar Road - Hill Street)
B216 London (Peckham Park Road)
B217 London (Addington Square - Southampton Street) Addington Square now unclassified
B218 London (Florence Road - Malpass Road - Brockley Road - Stondon Park - Brockley Rise (part) )
B219 London (Barry Road - Peckham Rye (part) )
B220 London (Belmont Hill - Lee Terrace)
B221 London (Brownhill Road, St Mildreds Road (part), Birch Grove, Newstead Road (part) A205/unclassified
B222 London (Milkwood Road - Hinton Road (part) )
B223 London (Railton Road - Atlantic Road)
B224 London (Silverthorne Road to Clapham Common)
B225 London (Croxted Road - South Croxted Road - Crystal Palace) A2199
B226 London (Stanstead Road to Forest Hill Station) A205
B227 London (Perry Vale - Perry Rise)
B228 London (Dulwich Road - Christchurch Road - Poynders Road - The Avenue) A205
B229 London (Northcode Road to Bellevue Road)
B230 London (Beckenham Lane - Southend Road to Eden Park) North of Beckenham now A2015
B231 London (Crystal Palace to Croydon) A212; unclassified in the centre of Croydon
B232 London (High Street - Elder Road) Northernmost section A215
B233 London (Trinity Road - Tooting Bec Road) A214
B234 London (Earlsfield Road - Windmill Road - Spencer Park (part) )
B235 London (Summers Town) - Plough Lane - Gap Road - Alexander Road - Worple Road - Raynes Park Station Westernmost section A238
B250 Belvedere - Lessness Heath Unclassified
B251 Link in Erith joining A206 and A226 A206
B252 Erith (Queens Road) A206
B253 Crayford Loop Unclassified
B254 Dartford (Hythe Street) A2026/unclassified
B255 Greenhithe Loop
B256 Gravesend (Stuart Road and part of West Street) Easternmost section A226
B257 Gravesend (High Street) Unclassified and pedestrianised
B258 Dartford - Swanley Junction
B259 (not used) Used as a temporary number for the A259 between Newhaven and Eastbourne.
B260 Dartford - Meopham Northernmost section A296
B261 Northfleet - Chalk Westernmost section unclassified
B262 Gravesend Pier - Green Street Green Northern half unclassified
B263 Chiselhurst West - Camden Place
B264 Chiselhurst - Bromley
B265 Widmore - Keston
B266 Crystal Palace Park Road and Beckenham Road (part) A234
B267 Croydon Link A222
B268 Wickham - Sanderstead A2022
B269 Junction with A235 - Warlingham - Limpsfield - Four Elms Easternmost section B2027
B270 Warlingham - Whyteleafe
B271 Croydon - Wallington (Junction with A237) Easternmost section now A232
B272 Mitcham Common - Beddington - Purley Rerouted to avoid Croydon Airport
B273 Mitcham - Mitcham Junction A239
B274 Mitcham (Madeira Road) Now the unclassified King George VI Avenue
B275 Mitcham - Morden A239
B276 Merton - Ravensbury Park A297
B277 Hackbridge - Carshalton
B278 Morden - Carshalton - Woodmansterne
B279 Morden - Sutton
B280 Purley - Banstead - Epsom - Burnt Stubbs Purley - Epsom now A2022
B281 Wimbledon Common, South Side - Raynes Park
B282 Raynes Park Station - Kingston West of New Maldon now A2043
B283 Come Warren - Malden - Belmont New Malden - Cheam A2043; Cheam - Belmont unclassified/golf course
B284 Malden - Junction with A240
B285 Link in Kingston Unclassified
B286 Link in Surbiton A3210
B287 Link in Surbiton B3364
B288 Epsom A24 - A241 near Epsom Downs Station
B289 Epsom (Grandstand Road) Actually uses Downs Road
B290 Epsom - Kingswood Only Bx90 in England - either a late addition or (more likely) caused by unusual situation with B259 involving all the other numbers being bumped up by one.
B2000 Cliffe - Strood Southernmost section unclassified
B2001 Hoo - Grain Hoo - Lower Stoke unclassified; Lower Stoke - Grain Crossing A228
B2002 Link in Strood
B2003 Link in Chatham A231
B2004 Brompton Grange - Rainham Middle section now A289
B2005 Iwade - Milton Northernmost and southernmost sections unclassified
B2006 Milton - Sittingbourne Mostly unclassified
B2007 Queenborough - Sheerness Outside Queenborough now A249
B2008 Neats Court - Eastchurch - Leysdown A2500/B2231
B2009 Meopham - Strood Thong - Strood was temporarily numbered B2009 awaiting completion of the A2 between Dartford and Strood. MoT documentation refers to "B2069" being renumbered at the last minute pending the Watling Street upgrades in 1924, but this is probably a typo for B2009. Meopham - Thong now unclassified.
B2010 Rochester - Chatham A2
B2011 Ditton - Aylesford - Bearsted Unclassified
B2012 Link in Maidstone joining A229 and A249
B2013 Link in Maidstone joining A20 and A229 A229
B2014 West Malling - Larkfield Unclassified
B2015 Wateringbury - Pembury Hale Street - Pembury A228
B2016 Wrotham Heath - Hale Street Mereworth - Hale Street A228
B2017 Whetsted - Tonbridge Both ends unclassified
B2018 Link at Wrotham Station A227/unclassified
B2019 Link in Sevenoaks joining A25 and A225
B2020 Link in Sevenoaks joining A21 and A225
B2021 Link in Tonbridge A227
B2022 Link in Tunbridge Wells (Church Road and Crescent Road) A264
B2023 Link in Tunbridge Wells (Part of London Road) A26
B2024 Botley Hill - Westeerham
B2025 Link in Limpsfield
B2026 Westerham - Edenbridge - Maresfield
B2027 Edenbridge - Hilenborough
B2028 Edenbridge - Lingfield - Hayward's Heath - Burgess Hill
B2029 Lingfield - Blindley Heath
B2030 Junction with A237 - Coulsdon - Caterham
B2031 Caterham - Merstham
B2032 Smithambottom - Kingswood - Betchworth Truncated slightly at both ends
B2033 Leatherhead - Pebble Coombe
B2034 Reigate Loop
B2035 Reigate Loop. South Park - Salfords A2044
B2036 Horley - Cuckfield - Pyecombe Burgess Hill - Pyecombe now A273
B2037 Furnace Wood - Burstow Hall
B2038 Link in Dorking joining A24 and A25
B2039 East Horsley - Ockham - Junction with A3
B2040 Ospringe - Faversham - Whitstable - Herne Bay Renumbered as A299 east of Faversham by 1932; largely replaced by the Thanet Way. Now unclassified Faversham - Whitstable; B2205 Whitstable - Herne Bay.
B2041 Link in Faversham
B2042 Whitstable - Canterbury Now B2205/A290
B2043 Link in Canterbury Unclassified
B2044 Herne Bay - Sturry Now B2205/A291
B2045 Herne Bay - Upstreet Renumbered A299 by 1932. Now unclassified.
B2046 Gore Street - Wingham - Adisham (Junction with A2) Now unclassified from Gore Street (the junction with the A253) to Wingham
B2047 Monkton - Minster Unclassified
B2048 Birchington - Minster - Ebbsfleet Mostly unclassified; small sections B2050, B2190, A256
B2049 Acol - Margate Mostly unclassified; easternmost section B2052
B2050 Quex Park - Ramsgate
B2051 Link in Westgate Unclassified
B2052 Margate - North Down - Broadstairs Margate - North Down B2051/B2055/unclassified
B2053 St Peter's - Westwood A256
B2054 Loop in Ramsgate
B2055 Link in Sandwich Unclassified
B2056 Upper Deal - Walmer
B2057 Walmer - Kingsdown - Ringwould Unclassified
B2058 Loop at St Margaret-at-Cliffe Unclassified
B2059 Link in Dover A256
B2060 Ewell - Hawkinge - Junction with A260 Now unclassified.
B2061 Link in Folkestone Unclassified
B2062 Link in Folkestone
B2063 Cheriton - Seabrook
B2064 Junction with A20 near Newington - Seabrook Now unclassified. Junction mentioned has now been replaced with M20 J12.
B2065 Bishopsbourne - Elham - Hythe Unclassified
B2066 Loop in Hythe (Rampart Road, Theatre Street, Prospect Road) A259
B2067 Hythe - Hamstreet - Tenterden Hythe - Port Lympne now unclassified (section immediately west of Hythe now a footpath).
B2068 Lympne - New Inn Green Unclassified
B2069 Bonnington - Smeeth Now unclassified.
B2070 Ashford - Hamstreet - New Romney A2042 in Ashford; B2067 in Hamstreet; A2070 through Snave; rest unclassified
B2071 New Romney - Littlestone-on-Sea
B2072 Link in Ashford (Magazine Road) Became A292, then spur of A28. Now unclassified.
B2073 Link in Ashford (Bank Street) Now unclassified; northernmost section pedestrianised
B2074 Link in Ashford (Godinton Road and Elwick Road) Eastern section taken over by A292 Ashford Ring Road; rest unclassified.
B2075 New Romney - Lydd
B2076 Old Romney - Lydd Unclassified
B2077 Junction with A251 near Leaveland - Charing - B2078 near Biddenden Unclassified
B2078 Maidstone - Biddenden Now A274
B2079 Underling Green - Goudhurst - Flimwell House
B2080 Tenterden - Appledore - Brenzett
B2081 Snave - Brenzett Became A2070, now unclassified.
B2082 Tenterden - Wittersham - Rye Last bit into Rye now A268
B2083 Cranbrook Common - Sissinghurst Unclassified
B2084 Link at Goudhurst
B2085 Iden Green - Hartley
B2086 Hartley - Rolvenden
B2087 Flimwell - Newenden Now A268
B2088 Northiam - Playden Four Oaks - Playden now A268
B2089 Rye - Broad Oak - Vinehall
B2090 Link at Vinehall
B2091 Johns Cross - Junction with A229 near Kent Street Now A21 (A21 ran to Hastings via Battle)
B2092 Dorrells - Battle Now unclassified
B2093 Beauport - Ore Westernmost section A2100
B2094 Link in Hastings Actually in St Leonards - now A2102
B2095 Battle - Catsfield - Ninfield - Junction with A259 near Middle Bridge
B2096 Squirrel Inn - Netherfield - Heathfield Park
B2097 Steven's Crouch - Junction with A271 near Boreham Street A271
B2098 Loop in Bexhill Eastern section unclassified/B2182/A269
B2099 Link in Bexhill (Lower Station Road) A269
B2100 Wadhurst Castle - Crowborugh
B2101 Rotherfield - Junction with A267
B2102 Coleshall - Hadlow Down - Maresfield - Pilt Down A272
B2103 Junction with A271 near Horsebridge - Hailsham A295
B2104 Hailsham - Friday Street
B2105 Westham - Polegate Unclassified/B2247
B2106 Loop in Eastbourne
B2107 Link in Eastbourne (Victoria Place)
(259) Eastbourne - Seaford - Newhaven Temporary number for A259, mentioned here in the list for geographic reasons
B2108 Horsebridge - Seaford Unclassified
B2109 Newhaven (Link to Harbour Station) Southernmost section unclassified
B2110 East Grinstead - Handcross
B2111 Bedales - Lindfield
B2112 Haywards Heath (Oat Hall) - Ditchling
B2113 Ditchling Common - Burgess Hill
B2114 Whitemans Green - Handcross Whitemans Green - Slough Green now B2115
B2115 Slough Green - Lower Beeding
B2116 Lewes - Ditchling - Hurstpierpoint - Locks Green Hurstpierpoint - Locks Green B2117
B2117 Hurstpierpoint - Albourne Green B2116
B2118 Kemp Town, Brighton (Bristol Gardens, St Georges Road and St James' Street)
B2119 Brighton (Trafalgar Street)
B2120 Brighton - Hove Station
B2121 Brighton (Dyke Road) Northernmost section now A2010
B2122 Brighton (Montpelier Road - New England Road)
B2123 Hove (Grand Avenue and The Drive) B2185
B2124 Hove (Hove Street and Sackville Road) A2023
B2125 Portslade by Sea - Portslade B2194/B2193
B2126 Abinger Hammer - Capel Easternmost section unclassified
B2127 Junction with B2126 - Cranleigh
B2128 Junction with A248 - Wonersh - Cranleigh - Bucks Greren
B2129 Wonersh - Bramleey B2128
B2130 Godalming - Hascombe - Cranleigh
B2131 Ramsnest Common - Haslemere - Liphook - Greatham Liphook - Greatham unclassified (partly destroyed by A3)
B2132 Kingsfold - Northlands Unclassified
B2133 Alfold Crossways - Billingshurst
B2134 Link in Horsham B2237/unclassified
B2135 Knepp Castle - Steyning
B2136 A281 - B2135 at Horsebridge Common - Partridge Green B2116
B2137 Henfield - Upper Beeding A2037
B2138 Fittleworth - Watersfield
B2139 Storrington - Houghton Forest
B2140 Findon - Clapham - Angmering - Rustington A280/unclassified
B2141 Worthing - Offington A2031
B2142 Junction with A24 near Offington - Junction with B2143 near Goring Station A2032
B2143 Worthing - Littlehampton - Bognor - Chichester Now A259
B2144 Junction with B2143 near Climping - Eastergate - Chichester Climping - Westergate B2233; Westergate - Tangmere destroyed by Tangmere Airfield; Tangmere - Shopwyke unclassified
B2145 Chichester - Selsey Bill
B2146 Bosham Station - Funtington - Petersfield
B2147 Emsworth - Westbourne - Lordington
B2148 Emsworth - Horndean Red Hill - Horndean B2149
B2149 West Town - Havant - Red Hill West Town - Havant A3023
B2150 Bedhampton - Waterlooville - Droxford
B2151 Portsmouth (Kingston Road, Victoria Road North, Albert Road to Eastney) Kingston Road A2047; Albert Road B2154
B2152 Portsmouth (Lake Road) Western third now A2030
B2153 Portsmouth (Carlisle Road, Raglan Street and Greetham Street) Unclassified
B2154 Portsmouth (from Victoria Road to The Hard)
B2155 Portsmouth (from Albert Road to South Parade Pier)

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