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1922 Road Lists/Zone 3 Class II

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Number Route Notes
B300 London (New Cut and Oakley Street)
B301 London (Fentiman Road and Miles Street) Unclassified
B302 London (Cedars Road, Queens Road, Victoria Bridge, Chelsea Bridge Road) A3216
B303 London (Elspetth Road, Latchmere Road) A3220
B304 London (Cambridge Road, Albert Bridge, Oakley Street, Sydney Street and Sydney Road) Cambridge Road - Albert Bridge now A3031
B305 London (Church Road and High Street, Battersea) Bypassed by roads on quite a similar line
B306 London (Queens Ride and Lower Richmond Road)
B307 London (Link on Putney Heath joining A3 and A3210) Unclassified, largely destroyed
B308 London (Northumberland Avenue) Now extension of A400 (crossing the A4 at Trafalgar Square and going out of zone)
B309 London (Pall Mall (part) and St James' Street) Now part of A4 one way system
B310 London (Millbank, Grosvenor Road, Chelsea Embankment, Cheyne Walk to King's Road, Chelsea) A3212/A3220
B311 London (From Buckingham Palace Road via Eaton Square to Sloane Streret) Now A3217
B312 London (Grosvenor Gardens (part) )
B313 London (Commercial Road, Chelsea) Now called Ebury Bridge Road
B314 London (Cromwell Road and Warwick Gardens) Cromwell Road A4; Warwick Gardens A3220
B315 London (Gunter Grove) A3220
B316 London (Redcliffe Gardens and Earl's Court Road) All except northernmost section now A3220
B317 London (North End Road) Southernmost section A3219
B318 London (Harwood Road and Dawes Road) Dawes Road A3219
B350 Barnes (Riverside Road) Now called Lonsdale Road
B351 Kingston - East Sheen (Queens Road and Sheen Lane)
B352 Ham Common (Park Road)
B353 Petersham - Kew
B354 Richmond (Red Lion Street and Paradise Road) Part of A305/A307 one-way system
B355 Barnes - Richmond A3003/A316
B356 Mortlake - Kew A205
B357 Kingston Bridge - Junction with A307 Unclassified
B358 Kingston Bridge - Hounslow Heath - Hanwell - Harrow Hounslow Heath - Heston A3063; Heston - Harrow A4127
B359 Link in Hampton Wick B358
B360 Link in Teddington
B361 Twickenham - Hounslow
B362 Hounslow (Link joining A314 and A315) A314/unclassified
B363 Isleworth - Lampton
B364 Thames Ditton (Giggshill - Ember Court)
B365 Street Cobham - Walton-on-Thames Southernmost section unclassified
B366 Link joining A3 and A245 Unclassified
B367 Ripley - Byfleet
B368 Sendmarsh - Send Heath
B369 East Molesey - Eastonville
B370 Hampton Court Palace - Weybridge Actually started on the other side of the River Thames from the Palace; now A3050
B371 Link on Walton Common Part of A317/B365 gyratory
B372 Weybridge Station - Walton Common
B373 Weybridge Station - Weybridge
B374 Junction with A245 - Weybridge
B375 Hampton - Shepperton - Chertsey - Monksgrove Hampton - Halliford now unclassified
B376 Walton - Shepperton - Staines - Slough Northernmost section unclassified
B377 Feltham - Ashford - Staines
B378 Ashford Common - Stanwell
B379 Staines - Sipson A3044/B378/lost under Heathrow Airport
B380 Woking (Shackleford) - Pirbright Place
B381 Junction with B380 - Kingfieldgreen
B382 Byfleet - Woking
B383 Woking - Chobham - Windsor Great Park Woking - Chobham now A3046
B384 Woodham Hall - Horsell Common A245
B385 Newhaw - Woodham Hall
B386 Chertsey - Windlesham - Junction with A30
B387 Eastworth - Chertsey
B388 Eastworth - Egham Same route but largely rerouted; southernmost section now A320
B389 Thorpe - Virginia Water Easternmost section unclassified
B3000 Bramley - Puttenham
B3001 Milford - Farnham Easternmost section severed by A3
B3002 Hindhead Common - Bordon Station Westernmost section unclassified
B3003 Bordon Camp - Junction with A326 Became a spur of the B3002 in 1935. Now part of the B3002 mainline.
B3004 Liphook - Lindford
B3005 Rake Common - Liss Now B3006
B3006 Greatham - Alton (Beech) Northernmost section A339
B3007 Farnham (Hale) - Aldershot
B3008 Heath End - Wellington Lines
B3009 Tongham - Ash Became extension of A3014, now unclassified
B3010 Aldershot - Crookham - Crondall Eastern section renumbered as extension of B3011 in 1935, since renumbered as extension of A323; western section unclassified.
B3011 Junction with B3010 - Fleet - Heckfield Heath Now A323 as far as junction with the A30
B3012 Hartley Row - Odiham Now an extension of B3016; southernmost section unclassified
B3013 Fleet - Yateley Common Fleet section A3013; northernmost section returned to nature
B3014 Farnborough - Fleet Station Cove - Fleet A3013
B3015 Frimley - Bagshot Heath
B3016 Workingham - Finchampstead - Hartford Bridge
B3017 Bagshot Park - Winkfield Southern section now A332
B3018 Bagshot - Bracknell - Twyford Bagshot - Bracknell now A322; westernmost section A321
B3019 Kingsride - Ascot Now part of A332
B3020 Windlesham - Sunninghill
B3021 Junction with A308 - Old Windsor - Datchet As now, but has been extension of A328 in the interim
B3022 Windsor - Windsor Great Park A332
B3023 Datchet - Ditton Park B376 or B470
B3024 Windsor - Twyford
B3025 Clewer Green - Clewer Unclassified
B3026 Eton - Burnham Beeches
B3027 Junction with A332 at Slough - Salt Hill
B3028 Bray Court - Bourne End
B3029 Wokingham - Twyford - Henley Now A321
B3030 Arborfield Cross - Whistley Green
B3031 Reading (A327) - Caversham Never actually reached Caversham. Now unclassified/A329
B3032 Bye-Pass in Reading (Berkeley Avenue and part of London Road) Now A4. (A4 went via King's Road, Castle Hill and Bath Road through the town centre).
B3033 Cosham - Wickham Became A333, now B2177
B3034 Portsmouth (Park Road) Unclassified
B3035 Corhampton - Botley
B3036 Botley - Fisher's Pond Became A3051, now B3354
B3037 Lower Upham - Eastleigh - Chandler's Ford Eastleigh - Chandler's Ford now spur of A335
B3038 Southampton (Albert Road, Belvidere Road and Millbank Street) Northern end unclassified
B3039 Southampton (Canute Road, Esplanade and Sidford Street) Started on the A3025 by the Floating Bridge. Western section now (in order) A33, destroyed by West Quay shopping centre, A3024, A3057
B3040 Southampton (part of Terminus Terrace) Now part of A33
B3041 Southampton (part of High Street) Ran south from where the A33 turned onto Bernard Street towards the main shipping terminals. Now unclassified.
B3042 Southampton - Romsey - Andover Upgraded to A3057 very early on - probably by 1925
B3043 Chandler's Ford - Hursley
B3044 Winchester (North Walls and Eastgate Street) Has been upgraded to A road (possibly spur of A31, now B3330)
B3045 Winchester (Lower Stockbridge Road) B3044
B3046 Cheriton - Basingstoke Northernmost section severed by M3
B3047 New Alresford - King's Worthy
B3048 Wherwell - Hurstbourne Priors
B3049 Bullington Cross - Andover Now A303; westernmost section unclassified
B3050 Andover - Andover Junction A short link connecting two stations in Andover. Only Andover Junction remains. Road now unclassified.
B3051 Overton - Kingsclere - Aldermaston Northermost section A340
B3052 Newbury (St Johns Road) A343
B3053 Totton - Fawley - Hillhead) Totton - Fawley now A326
B3054 Hythe - Lymington - Christchurch Easternmost section unclassified; Lymington - Christchurch now A337
B3055 Bealieu - Brockenhurst
B3056 Lymington - Lyndhurst Now A337
B3057 Brooklands - Lyndhurst Now part of the A35/A337 one-way system in Lyndhurst
B3058 Everton - Milford - Milton
B3059 Christchurch - Southbourne - Pokesdown
B3060 Ilford - Kinson Now A3060
B3061 Bournemouth (Ashley Road, part of Holdenhurst Road, Richmond Park Road and Alma Road) Now A3049
B3062 Bournemouth (part of Holdenhurst Road) Unclassified/B3066
B3063 Bournemouth (Charminster Road)
B3064 Bournemouth (Lansdowne Road)
B3065 Bournemouth (Gervais Place and Fir Glen Road) Unclassified
B3066 Bournemouth (The Triangle and Avenue Road) Unclassified
B3067 Bournemouth (Seamoor Road) Unclassified
B3068 Link in Poole Possibly A350
B3069 Langton Matravers - Corfe Castle
B3070 Wareham - West Lulworth
B3071 Lulworth - Wool
B3072 Kinson - Fern Now A347
B3073 Longham - Wimborne
B3074 Darby's Corner - Corfe Mullen
B3075 Wareham - Almer
B3076 Almer - Spetisbury Now extension of B3075
B3077 Junction with A337 - Cadnam Now an unclassified dirt track
B3078 Cadnam - Fordingbridge - Wimborne Cadnam - Brook B3079
B3079 Brook - Landford
B3080 Junction with B3078 - Downton
B3081 Ringwood - Shaftesbury
B3082 Wimborne - Blandford
B3083 Link in Blandford (to Bryaston Park) Cut the corner between the B3082 and the pre-bypass A350. Now a spur of the B3082.
B3084 Over Wallop - Shipton Bellinger Northernmost section severed by A303
B3085 Salisbury - Cholderton - Shipton Bellinger Became A3052 in 1924, renumbered to A338 in 1935
B3086 Salisbury - Longbarrow - Shrewton Now A360 Salisbury - Airman's Corner
B3087 Pewsey - Marlborough Now A345
B3088 Link in Wilton Cut the south west corner between the A30 and A36. Now unclassified.
B3089 Wilton - West Knoyle
B3090 Stonehenge - Wylye - Mere - Wincanton - Ilchester Now A303
B3091 Sturminster Newton - Shaftesbury Southernmost section now B3092
B3092 Sturminster Newton - Gillingham - Frome Rerouted via Mere: section via Zeals unclassified
B3093 Shaftesbury - Gillingham - Bruton - Shepton Mallet Now B3081
B3094 Milton-on-Stour - Mere Became extension of B3095, now B3092
B3095 Mere - Heytesbury Longbridge Deverill - Heytesbury now unclassified
B3096 Wincanton - Stoney Stoke Now B3081 spur
B3097 Loop in Frome (Keyford) Cut the south east corner between the B3092 and the A362. Became B3098, now unclassified
B3098 Frome - Westbury - Chirton Frome - Westbury now A3098
B3099 Westbury Leigh - Beckington
B3100 Link in Devizes A342
B3101 Poulshot - Rowde
B3102 Melksham - Calne - Lyneham Now A3102
B3103 Loop in Melksham Now part of the A3102 one way system in Melksham
B3104 Bradford-on-Avon - Melksham Early upgrade to A3053. Now B3107/A3102.
B3105 Hilperton - Bradford-on-Avon
B3106 Trowbridge - Staverton Largely rerouted
B3107 Trowbridge (Hill Street and part of Church Street) Ran between the A366 and B3106. Now B3106/unclassified.
B3108 Staverton - Holt B3106
B3109 Road - Bradford-on-Avon - Corsham
B3110 Woolverton - Odd Down
B3111 Loop in Bath
B3112 Hemington - Junction with A362 - Kilmersdon - Wells Actually started on the A362. Now B3139.
B3113 Emborough - Chewton Mendip B3114
B3114 Chewton Mendip - West Harptree - Chew Magna
B3115 Junction with A367 - Dunkerton - Clutton
B3116 Marksbury - Keynsham
B3117 Norton Malreward - Chew Magna - Flax Bourton B3130; easternmost section unclassified
B3118 Link at Norton Malreward (Northern Branch) B3130
B3119 Brislington - Junction with A37 Easternmost section A4174
B3120 Bristol - Bedminster Park Eastern section B3122/unclassified
B3121 Bristol (Marsh Lane) A3029
B3122 Bristol (College Green (South Side) - Mardyke - Ashton Road) A4/A3029
B3123 Bristol (Jacobs Wells Road, Berkeley Place and Triangle West) Now B4466
B3124 Bristol (Queens Road (part), Merchants Road (via Suspension Bridge) - Portishead Mostly B3129/A369
B3125 Bristol (Pembroke Road, Upper Belgrave Road) Now B4467 and A4176
B3126 Bristol (Ashton Road - Leigh Woods) Now A369
B3127 Avonmouth - Avonmouth Dock Probably ran along Gloucester Road. Entirely south of the A36 (now A4) but north of the Avon, and possible proof that the A36 formed the 3 / 4 zone boundary west of Bath. Now unclassified
B3128 Bristol (Leigh Woods) - Tickenham Leigh Woods - Failand B3129
B3129 Flax Bourton - Failand Westernmost section unclassified
B3130 Flax Bourton - Clevedon Pier
B3131 East Clevedon - Portishead B3124
B3132 Walton Park - Lady Bay - Clevedon B3124
B3133 Langford - Yatton - Clevedon
B3134 Miners Arms - Burrington
B3135 Ashwick - Cheddar
B3136 Wedmore - Junction with A371 B3151/A371
B3137 Northern Loop In Wells Unclassified
B3138 Southern Loop in Wells Unclassified
B3139 Wells - Wedmore - Highbridge - Burnham
B3140 Burnham - East Brent
B3141 Cossington - Woolavington - Watchfield
B3142 Puddletown - Piddlehinton
B3143 Dorchester - Piddlehinton - Lydlinch
B3144 Loop in Dorchester
B3145 Charminster - Cerne Abbas - Sherborne - Holton Charminster - Sherborne A352
B3146 Duntish - Holnest
B3147 Loop in Sherbourne (to Cuthbert's Church) B3145
B3148 Sherborne - Marston Magna
B3149 North Cheriton - Bratton Seymour Unclassified - severed by A303
B3150 Downhead - Podimore - Kingsdon A372/A303
B3151 Kingsdon - Somerton - Street
B3152 Galhampton - Castle Cary - Ansford
B3153 Ansford - Somerton - Langport - Taunton (Ash Cross) Langport - Ash Cross A378
B3154 Portland (Fortuneswell - Easton) A354
B3155 Wyke Regis - Westham B3156
B3156 Wyke Regis - Weymouth B3153
B3157 Weymouth - Bridport Section in Weymouth now B3154/B3156
B3158 Junction with A37 - Weymouth Station B3155
B3159 Upwey - Winterbourne Abbas
B3160 Bridport - West Bay B3157
B3161 Bridport - Beaminster - Minsterton - Haselbury Plucknett Now A3066. Early upgrade to A road.
B3162 Bridport - Broadwindsor - Chard
B3163 Toller Down - Beaminster - Broadwinsdor
B3164 Birdsmoor Gate - Broadwindsor - Whetley Cross
B3165 Somerton - Crewkerne - Lyme Regis Bower Hinton - Crewkerne A356; Southern end has been A3070 but is B3165 again.
B3166 Link joining A373 and B3165 at Raymonds Hill Unclassified
B3167 Cricket St. Thomas - Tytheerleigh
B3168 Ilminster - Curry Rivel
B3169 Ilminster - Buckland St Mary - Stopgate Now A303
B3170 Clapp - Taunton Southern section now A303 - actually started at the modern A30 / A303 junction
B3171 West Monkton - Stapelgrove A3259/A358
B3172 Boshill - Axmouth - Seaton
B3173 Seaton - Beer - Junction with A35 B3174
B3174 Buddelhays - Ottery St Mary - Whimple Buddelhays - Ottery St Mary now unclassified
B3175 Sidford - Sidmouth Now A375 except for a short section in Sidmouth
B3176 Sidmouth - Ottery St Mary - Bradninch Bowd - Bradninch now unclassified
B3177 Ottery St Mary - Alphington - Junction with A30
B3178 Budleigh Salterton - Black Hill B3179
B3179 Woodbury - Clyst St George
B3180 Whimple - Exmouth Lympstone Common to Exmouth now unclassified
B3181 Topsham - Junction with A378 Unclassified
B3182 Exeter (Magdalen Road) Westernmost section B3212; rest unclassified
B3183 Exeter (Coombe Street, West Street and Edmund Street) Lost under A3015 Western Way
B3184 Clyst Honiton - Broadclyst Unclassified
B3185 Broadclyst - Silverton - Junction with A396 Unclassified
B3186 Cullompton - Tiverton Was part of the A373 in draft lists but that got rerouted via Halberton instead. Now unclassified.
B3187 Wellington - Milverton
B3188 Wiveliscombe - Fair Cross
B3189 Williton - St Decumans B3191
B3190 Watchet - St Decumans - Bampton
B3191 Watchet - Carhampton
B3192 Ashcombe - Teignmouth Northernmost section A380
B3193 Chudleigh - Kingsteignton Northernmost section lost under A38
B3194 Chudleigh Knighton - Bovey Tracey B3344
B3195 Newton Abbott - Shaldon Unclassified
B3196 Loop in Newton Abbot B3195
B3197 Newton Abbot - Totnes - Kingsbridge - Salcombe Now A381/unclassified
B3198 Link at Hele, Torquay B3199
B3199 Barton - Babbacombe - Torquay A379
B3200 Babbacombe - Torquay Unclassified
B3201 Paignton (Sands Road, Esplanade and Hollicombe Road)
B3202 Paignton (Victoria Street and Torbay Road) Victoria Street pedestrianised; Torbay Road B3201
B3203 Collaton St Mary - Churston Ferrers A3022 except for the northernmost section
B3204 Churston Ferrers - Brixham A3022
B3205 Brixham - Kingswear Didn't reach Kingswear - it only went as far as Hillhead. Now unclassified.
B3206 Totnes - Buckfastleigh A381/A385/A384
B3207 Dartmouth - Modbury Dartmouth - Halwell A3122; rest unclassified
B3208 Link at Halwell A3122
B3209 Churchstow - Alvington A381
B3210 Avon Wick - Ermington - Junction with A379 Unclassified/A3121
B3211 Ermington - IvyBridge Unclassified
B3212 Exeter - Moretonhampstead - Yelverton
B3213 Loop at Dunsford Unclassified/B3193
B3214 Crediton - Bickleigh A3074
B3215 Copplestone - Okehampton Copplestone - North Tawton A3072
B3216 North Tawton - Hatherleigh - Holsworthy - Bude A3072 except for Jacobstowe - Hatherleigh
B3217 Okehampton - Dolton - Chapelton Northernmost section unclassified
B3218 Okehampton - Dunsland Cross Now A3079
B3219 Sourton - Folly Gate A386
B3220 Morchard Road Station - Winkleigh - Great Torrington Winkleigh - Great Torrington A3124
B3221 Tiverton - South Molton Unclassified
B3222 Cove - Oakfordbridge - Dulverton - Junction with A396 Cove - Exbridge A396
B3223 Exton - Lynton Exton - Exford unclassified/B3224; northernmost section A39
B3224 Cutcombe - Exford
B3225 Porlock - Porlock Weir
B3226 South Molton - Blackmoor Station A399
B3227 South Molton - Great Torrington - Stibb Cross
B3228 South Molton - South Molton Road Station B3226
B3229 Kentisbury Ford - Combe Martin
B3230 Barnstaple - Ilfracombe
B3231 Ilfracombe - Croyde - Braunton Ilfracombe - Croyde now unclassified
B3232 Barnstaple - Great Torrington Northernmost section unclassified
B3233 Link at Instow
B3234 Appledore - Bideford A386
B3235 Link in Bideford Unclassified
B3236 Northam - Westward Ho! - Abbotsham Bideford Cross - Abbotsham now unclassified
B3237 Clovelly Dyke - Clovelly
B3238 Plymouth (Greenbank Road and Tothill Road)
B3239 Plymouth (Sutton Road and Commercial Road) Unclassified
B3240 Plymouth (Vauxhall Street to Barbican) Largely unclassified
B3241 Plymouth (Paradise Road etc to North Road) - Laira Unclassified/B3214
B3242 Plymouth (part of Old Town Street and part of Coburg Street) A374
B3243 Plymouth (East Street and King Street) Unclassified; eastern section destroyed by later development
B3244 Plymouth (Stoke Road, Phoenix Street and West Hoe Road) Unclassified
B3245 Plymouth (Chapel Street and Durnford Street) Unclassified
B3246 Plympton - Saltash A38/B3413/unclassified
B3247 Plymouth - Millbrook - Crafthole - Junction with A389 Started on the far side of the Tamar from Plymouth
B3248 Antony - Tregantle B3247
B3249 Polbathick - St Germans - Tideford
B3250 St Germans - Duloe A387
B3251 Menheniot - Morval Southern half B3252
B3252 Byelane End - Liskeard Has always ended at Trethawle and never reached Liskeard
B3253 Liskeard - Looe - Polperro B3254/A387/unclassified
B3254 Liskeard - Launceston
B3255 Link at Callington A390
B3256 Harrowbarrow - Kellybray B3257
B3257 Kellybray - Plusha
B3258 Link at Launceston A30/unclassified
B3259 Launceston - Kilkhampton B3254
B3260 Stratton - Bude A3072
B3261 A3073
B3262 Hallworthy - Otterham Station
B3263 Tresparret Posts - Boscastle - Tintagel - Camelford Station
B3264 Boscastle - Camelford Station - Lanteglos B3266
B3265 Camelford - Junction with B3264 B3266/unclassified
B3266 Lanteglos - Washaway
B3267 Wadebridge - Bodmin A389
B3268 Bodmin - Lostwithiel
B3269 Sweetshouse - Lanlivery - Fowey (Newton)
B3270 Newton - Fowey Station - Ferry B3269/unclassified
B3271 Fowey Harbour - Par - St Austell Fowey - Par became A3082, remainder became spur of A3082 later (probably 1935). Fowey - Newtown now B3415.
B3272 Par - St Blazey Now A3082
B3273 St Austell - Mevagissey
B3274 St Austell (Stenaless) - Roche - Padstow Little Petherick - Padstow now A389
B3275 Roche - Victoria Now spur of B3274
B3276 Wadebridge - Little Petherick A389
B3277 Loop at Padstow (via Cemetery) B3276
B3278 St Austell - Bighton - Newquay Now A3058; unclassified in Newquay
B3279 High Street - St Dennis - Indian Queen's - Quintrel Downs Indian Queen's - Quintrel Downs A392
B3280 Truro - Mitchell - Gummow's Shop Upgraded to A3076. Truro to A30 became rerouted A39 in 1990s.
B3281 St Columb Major - St Columb Minor Now A3059
B3282 Loop at Newquay (via the Tower) Unclassified
B3283 Newquay - Trevissome Unclassified/A392/A3075
B3284 Truro - Perranport
B3285 Truro - St Agnes A390/B3277
B3286 Link near Truro A390
B3287 Sticker - Tregoney - St Mawes Tregoney - St Mawes now A3078
B3288 Tregoney - Tresillian A3078/A390
B3289 Kea - St Just
B3290 Loop in Falmouth A39
B3291 Penryn - Dodsons Gap Unclassified; southernmost section lost under Culdrose Airfield.
B3292 Link at Penryn Brown's Hill - now unclassified
B3293 Helston Downs - St Keverne Westernmost section lost under Culdrose Airfield
B3294 Junction with B3293 - Coverack
B3295 Helston - Lizard Now A394/A3083
B3296 Penhale - Mullion Cove
B3297 Junction with B3295 - Helston - Redruth Southernmost section A394
B3298 Gewnnap - Scorrier
B3299 Scorrier - Junction with B3300 A3047/unclassified
B3300 Redruth - Portreath
B3301 Portreath (Tregea) - Phillack
B3302 Helston - Hayle
B3303 Crown Town - Camborne
B3304 Helston - Porthleven
B3305 Porthleven - Breage B3304
B3306 Hayle - St Ives - St Just - Trevorian Hayle - St Ives A3074
B3307 Link near Lelant Down A3074
B3308 Branch from B3306 at St Ives B3306
B3309 Crowlas - Inch's Castle May have been rerouted one block south.
B3310 Ludgvan - Marazion Station Unclassified - severed by A394
B3311 St Ives - Penzance
B3312 Penzance - Madron Now unclassified within the Penzance bypass (for many years unclassified for its whole length).
B3313 Penzance - Land's End Now A30; easternmost section unclassified
B3314 Link in Penzance Became A3077; now unclassified
B3315 Penzance - Paul - Sennen Penzance - Newlyn now unclassified
B3316 Newlyn - Junction with B3317 at Stone Cross B3315/B3317
B3317 Penzance - Newbridge - St Just A3071
B3318 Newbidge - Pendeen
B3319 Junction with B3318 - Trewellard B3318
B3320 Link in Cowes Mill Hill Road, now A3020
B3321 Loop at East Cowes
B3322 Newport (Hunny Hill) - Yarmouth - Needles Newport - Totland A3054
B3323 Newport - Shorwell
B3324 Link in Newport Trafalgar Road, now B3341
B3325 Freshwater - Shorwell - Ventnor - Shanklin - Sandown A3055/B3399
B3326 Blackwater - Shanklin A3020
B3327 Whiteley Bank - Ventnor Largely declassified in the 1920s but returned to its original route in the 1950s.
B3328 Link in Shanklin Partly unclassified
B3329 Link in Sandown A3055
B3330 Brading - St Helens
B3331 St Helens - Ryde B3330
B3332 Oakfield - Binstead B3330/unclassified

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