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1935 Road numbering revision - Zone 4

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County Route Number and
Present Description
Proposals (17/7/34) Route Number and
Amended Description
Somerset A4
London - Bath
Extended from the present termination at the junction of George Street and Milsom Street proceeding via George Street, Gay Street (part), Queen Square (N. side), Charlotte Street and Upper Bristol Road (hitherto forming part of Route A431) to a junction with Newbridge Road, and thence via Newbridge Road and New Bridge, hitherto Route B4044, to a junction with Route A36 at Pike House, and thence over the line of A36 to Bristol and Avonmouth A4
London - Bristol (Avonmouth Dock)
National A40
London - Oxford - Gloucester - Ross-on-Wye - Skenfrith - Abergavenny - Brecon - Carmarthen - Haverfordwest - Fishguard
Diverted N.W. of Wilton Bridge, Ross-on-Wye and proceeds via ex. A48 to Whitchurch, Monmouth, and Raglan, thence over the line of B4234 to Llanvihangel nigh Usk, and via ex A471 to Penpergwm Station and a junction with the original line of A40 at Abergavenny (Monk Street).

The superseded section of Route A.40 (Ross - Skenfrith - Abergavenny) renumbered as follows : - (a) Ross (Wilton) to Junction A49 at Old Pike - A49 (b) Old Pike - Broad Oak - Skenfrith - Abergavenny (Hereford Road Junction) - B4521 (c) Abergavenny (Hereford Road, Monk Street) - A465

London - Oxford - Gloucester - Ross-on-Wye - Raglan - Abergavenny - Carmarthen - Haverfordwest - Fishguard
National A41
London (Canons Park) - Aylesbury - Warwick - Birmingham - Wolverhampton - Oakengates
Diverted at Junction Inn Kingswood Common NW of Wolverhampton and proceeds over the line of A464 to Tong, Newport and Hinstock thence via A529 to Whitchurch (taking precedence over A49 on merged section), Hampton Heath, Handley and Chester, and via A51 to Backford, Little Sutton, Port Sunlight and Birkenhead (Mersey Tunnel: Chester Street Entrance, and Woodside Ferry).

The severed section of A41 from Kingswood Common Staffs to Oakengates (Junction A5) renumbered as A464

London (Canons Park) - Aylesbury - Warwick - Birmingham - Wolverhampton - Whitchurch - Chester - Birkenhead
National A42
Reading - Oxford - Stratford - Birmingham
Renumbered as follows : (a) Reading (Junction A4 at King Street) - Pangbourne - Wallingford - Shillingford (Junction A415) - A329 (b) Shillingford - Dorchester - Oxford - A423 (c) Oxford - Woodstock - Shipston-on-Stour - Stratford-on-Avon - Henley in Arden - Hockley Heath - Birmingham - A34 A42
Buckinghamshire A416
Knowl Hill
To consider renumbering Knowl Hill - Marlow - High Wycombe - Amersham section as A404 extension, principally for W. of England traffic proceeding to Eastern Counties and vice versa, via A405 (North Orbital Road). (If agreed, a four-figure Route Number might be allotted to the short remainder of A416 between Amersham and Berkhampstead) A416
Vacant or
Somerset A431
Bath - Bristol
Curtailed. The section from the junction of George Street and Milsom Street via George Street, Gay Street (part), Queen Square (N. side), Charlotte Street and Upper Bristol Road to a junction with Newbridge Road at Locksbrook Cemetry renumbered as A4 A431
General description unaltered
Monmouthshire A437
West of Gloucester - Newport
Renumber throughout as A48 A437
See list dated 30th October, 1934
Monmouthshire A471
Usk - Abergavenny
(a) Renumber Llanvihangel - Abervagenny section as A49 (b) Suggest four-figure number for remaining Llanvihangel - Usk sections A471
Glamorgan A475
Swansea - Carmarthen
(a) Re-number Swansea - Penllergaer section as A483. See list dated 5th December, 1934. (b) Re-number Penllergaer - Carmarthen section as A48. See list dated 30th Oct 1934 A475
Buckinghamshire A4013
Local Route
Renumber as A418 excepting section of Friarage Road from Bourbon Street to Walton Street which renumber as A413 (spur). (White Hill and Whitehall Street to retain A418 as spur but to be indicated as A413 at Oxford Road - Whitehall Junction). A4013
Wiltshire A4015
Swindon (Local route)
Renumber as A420 (Swindon spur) A4015
Somerset A4016
Bath (Corn Street (pt) to Monmouth Place)
Renumbered as A367 (fork end) A4016
Glamorgan A4049
Maes-y-cwmmer - Rhymney Bridge
Re-number Tir-phil-Rhymney Bridge section as A469 A4069
Maes-y-cwmmer - Tir-phil
Glamorgan A4050
Pengan - Tir-phil
Re-number throughout as A469 (extension). (The short length of A469 from Junction A4050 to Pengan to retain same number as spur) A4050
Glamorgan A4057
Caerphilly (Bedwas Road)
Re-number as A469 (spur at Caerphilly) A4057
Glamorgan A4060
Bridgend (Wyndham Street)
Re-number as A4061 (fork end) A4060
Glamorgan A4062
Bryncethin (Wigan Terrace)
Re-number as A4065 (fork end) A4062
Glamorgan A4063
Bridgend - Taibach
(a) Re-number Cymmer - Taibach section as A4107 (b) Extend A4063 from Cymmer to Glyncorrwg via A4108 A4063
Bridgend - Glyncorrwg
Glamorgan A4066
Hirwaun - Beacons Reservoir
Re-number as A4059 extension A4066
Glamorgan A4068
Morriston - Ystalyfera
Re-number as A4067 A4068
See list dated 5th December, 1934
Buckinghamshire A4090
Amersham Com.
Chesham Bois
Renumber as A404 (split end or spur). A4090
Glamorgan A4093
Llangeinor - Rhondda
Re-number Tonyrefail - Rhondda section as A4119 extension. A4093
Llangeinor - West of Tonyrefail
Buckinghamshire B472
Renumber as B473 (diverted at Beaconsfield). See List dated 17.7.34. A new number (not B472 to be allocated to the Beaconsfield - Amersham section of B473. B472
Buckinghamshire B473
Route B3027 might also be included as a continuation B473
Proposal Deleted 12/1/35
Buckinghamshire B474
Stoke Poges
Farnham Royal
Renumber as B473 spur. B474
Buckinghamshire B484
High Wycombe
Link A40-A416
Is this short route suitable for elevation to Class I? B484
Anglesey B4419
Caernarvon - Pentre-Lerw
To include Route B4421 (Newborough - Llangaffo) as Newborough spur. (Indicated at Llangaffo as "B4420 (chequer) Newborough") B4419
General description unaltered
Anglesey B4420
West Menai Bridge - Bethel
Extended NW via ex B4422 from Bethel to Llanfaelog B4420
West Menai Bridge - Llanfaelog
Anglesey B4421
Newborough - Llangaffo
Renumber as B4419 (Newborough spur). Indicated as B4420 (chequer) at Llangaffo B4421
Anglesey B4422
Cefn Cwmmwd - Llanfaelog
Curtailed. Bethel - Llanfaelog section renumbered B4420 B4422
Cefn Cwmmwd - Bethel
Anglesey B4423
Llanfaelog - Trefor
Extend NE via ex B5112 from Trefor to Llanerchymedd B4423
Llanfaelog - Llanerchymedd
Buckinghamshire B4440
Wooburn Gn.
Renumber as B476 (continuation) B4440
Approved but never implemented

1935 Road numbering revision
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