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1935 Road numbering revision - Zone 5

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County Route Number and
Present Description
Proposals (17/7/34) Route Number and
Amended Description
Cheshire A51
Tamworth (Two Gates) - Birkenhead
Curtailed. Chester - Birkenhead section renumbered as A41 (London-Birkenhead). Section between Stone (Darlaston Road) and Darlaston renumbered as A34 A51
Tamworth (Two Gates) - Chester
Staffordshire A52
Nantwich - Grantham
Section at Newcastle under Lyme (High Street to London Road - Talke Road Fork) renumbered as A34 A52
Nantwich - Grantham
Staffordshire A53
Shrewsbury - Buxton
Section at Newcastle-under-Lyme (High Street between Church Street and Ironmarket) renumbered as A34 A53
Shrewsbury - Buxton
Cheshire A54
Tarvin - Buxton
Section at Congleton (Waggon and Horses P.H. to Bridge Street) renumbered as A34 A54
Tarvin - Buxton
Cheshire A55
Bangor - Chester
Curtailed. Section at Chester from June. Hough Green and Grosvenor Road via Grosvenor Road, Grosvenor Street, and Bridge Street to the Cross, renumbered as A483 A55
Bangor - Chester
Flintshire A525
Newcastle under Lyme - Rhyl
Section at Wrexham (Pen-y-bryn, Bridge Street, Town Hall and High Street renumberd as A483) A525
Newcastle under Lyme - Rhyl
Staffordshire, Cheshire, Lancashire A526
Newcastle under Lyme - Salford
renumbered throughout as A34 A526 (vacant)
Shropshire, Cheshire A529
Hinstock - Chester
renumbered as A41. Reallocated to the Hinstock - Market Drayton - Audlea - Nantwich section of A464 A529
Hinstock - Nantwich
Flintshire, Cheshire A540
N of Chirk Grn. - Hoylake
Curtailed. Section from N. of Chirk Green to Chester (Boughton A51) renumbered as A483 A540
Chester - Hoylake
Cheshire A560
Altrincham - Mottram-in-Longdendale
Section at Cheadle (High Street from Wilmslow Road to Manchester Road renumbered as A34) A560
Altrincham - Mottram-in-Longdendale
Bedfordshire A505 Extend over A601 In regard to the possible creation through route to Swindon, renumbering route as A5160, with A4160 reserved for an elevated B489 so that no subsequent alteration would perhaps be necessary as the mnemonic value of the route number scarcely be affected by the difference of the first figure.
Bedfordshire B558 Extend over B559 (Merger of 2 miles with B557)
Bedfordshire B559 Renumber as B558
Bedfordshire B561 To consider renumbering as B562 (continuation). Present section between B562 and B557 at New Town to be spur of B557
Bedfordshire B562 To be extended over B561. Suggest renumber B659 as B562 spur
Buckinghamshire A506
Hockliffe - Northampton
Renumber as A50. A506
Derbyshire A516
Hatton - Derby
Renumber as A518 extension (merger with A50 from Hatton to Uttoxeter A516
didn't happen
Derbyshire B5006
Ashby-de-la-Zouch - Ticknell
Renumber as extension of B584 (Caldecot - Willesley). Short merger with A453 B5006
Derbyshire B5007
Ticknell - Stanton by Bridge
Renumber as extension of B584 B5007
Derbyshire B5010
Chellaston - Borrowash
Renumber throughout as B5009 extension (Short merger with A514) B5010
Derbyshire B5024
Windley - Turnditch
Renumber as extension of B5023 B5024
Derbyshire A54 To consider renumbering section from Junction A537 to Junction A53 as A537 (1368 tons at A537 county boundary compated with 190 tons at A54 county boundary). A537 would link to Macclesfield (pop 35000) compared with Congelton (pop 13000) on A54.
Derbyshire B5054 To consider renumbering as B5055 (continuation)
Lancashire A579
Leigh - Bolton
Suggest renumber throughout as A572 A579
didn't happen
Lancashire A572 As paralleled by the new Liverpool - East Lancashire Road, might be partially renumbered as follows.

(a) from junction with A579 at Leigh to junction with A577 at Boothstown = A578 (continuation) (b) from junction with A577 at Boothstown to the a junction with A575 near the Bridgewater Canal north of Worsley = A577 (continuation) (c) from junction with A575 near the Bridgewater Canal north of Worsley to a junction with A6 at Swinton (new number) A5104. (it is not advisable to extend A577 beyond the point indicated in (b) above as traffic from Swinton, etc to Wigan will doubtless follow A580 to west of Boothstown).

Didn't happen
Lancashire A578 Extend along A572 between Leigh and Boothstown didn't happen
Lancashire A577 Extend along A572 between Boothstown and north of Worsley didn't happen
Lancashire A5104
New number - former A572 between Swinton and north of Worsley A5104
Swinton - n of Worsley
didn't happen
Northamptonshire A50 To consider extending over A508 (part) and A506 to Hockliffe
Northamptonshire A5002 Finedon:Renumber as A510 (spur)
Hertfordshire, Middlesex A500
Marble Arch - Finchley
divert n of Swiss Cottage along A5088 A500
Marble Arch - n of Watford
Cheshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex A555
Backford - Ellesmere Port
Renumber as A5032 (continuation). Reallocate to Barnet Bypass. A555
Barnet Bypass
Lancashire, Middlesex A598
Maghull - Scarisbrick
Renumber as A567 (continuation). Reallocate to A500 between Swiss Cottage and Finchley A598
Swiss Cottage - Finchley
Hertfordshire, Middlesex A5088
Swiss Cottage - N of Watford (Watford Bypass)
renumber as diversion of A500 A5088
Middlesex A5092
Barnet Bypass: Archway - Fiveways
renumber as A555 A5092
Hertfordshire, Middlesex A5093
Barnet Bypass: Mill Hill - n of Hatfield
renumber as A555 A5093
Cheshire A5032
Ellesmere Port - Ledsham
Extend along A555 A5032
Backford - Ledsham

1935 Road numbering revision
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