1935 Road numbering revision - Zone 6

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County Route Number and
Present Description
Proposals (17/7/34) Route Number and
Amended Description
Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire A601
Luton - Bourne Bridge
Include in A505 A601
H.Q. propose renumbering as A5160
Bedfordshire A6002
Bedford - Junc. A1 N.of Tempsford
Renumbered as A428 A6002
Bedfordshire B659 Suggest renumber as B562 (spur)
Cambridgeshire A603 Extend over A1120
Derbyshire A609
Nottingham - Smalley Green
Renumber Ilkeston-Smalley Green section as A6007 and Ilkeston-Codnor section of A6007 as A609 A609
Nottingham - Codnor
Derbyshire A610
Nottingham - Ambergate
Renumber as A606 extension A610
didn't happen
Derbyshire A6007
Ilkeston - Codnor
Renumber throughout as A609 and transfer A6007 to Ilkeston - Smalley Common section of A609 A6007
Ilkeston - Smalley Com.
Derbyshire A6010
W. Stoney Middleton - Grindleford Bridge
Renumber throughout as A6011 extension (short merger with A622) A6010
Derbyshire A6012
Link at Bamford Station
Renumber as A625 (Bamford Station spur) A6012
Derbyshire A6013
Bamford Stn. - Ashopton
Renumber as A622 extension A6013
Derbyshire A6014
Link at Ashopton
Renumber as A622 (split end) if proposal re A6013 is agreed A6014
Derbyshire A6016
Glossop (local route)
Renumber as A624 (spur), or extend A624 via A6016 and A6018 to Stalybridge A6016
Derbyshire A6099
Chesterfield (local route)
Renumber as A619 (spur) A6099
Derbyshire B6002
Sawley Junc.Stn. - Sandiacre
Renumber as B6004 continuation (Merger with A52 from Sandiacre to Stapleford) B6002
Derbyshire B6007
Ilkeston - Kimberley
Renumber as B6001 extension (short merger with A6007) B6007
Derbyshire B6017
Leabrooke - Somercotes
Renumber as B6018 (Somercotes spur) B6017
Derbyshire B6019
Normanton Common - Kirkby in Ashfield
Renumber as B6020 extension B6019
Derbyshire B6039
Tibshelf - Temple Normanton
Renumber as B6025 extension (short merger with B6014) B6039
Derbyshire B6040
Link at Heath
Renumber as B6037 (spur) B6040
Derbyshire B6054
Calver - Owlthorpe
Renumber Calver-Dronfield Woodhouse section as B6056 B6054
Dronfield Woodhouse - Owlthorpe
Derbyshire B6055
Sheffield Plantation - Fox House Inn
Renumber as B6056 (spur) (Signposted as A625 (chequer) at south end) B6055
Derbyshire B6056
Dronfield Woodhouse - Eckington
Extend as follows (a) over B6054 from Dronfield Woodhouse to Calver (b)over whole of B6055 (c) from junction B6052 to A616 at Eckington B6056
Calver - Eckington
Derbyshire B6057
Coal Aston - Little Norton
Renumber as B6056 spur (signposted at S. end as B6054 (chequer) B6057
Huntingdonshire B660 Extend over B662(pt), B690, B1090
Cambridgeshire, W Suffolk, Essex A604
Kettering - Cambridge
Extend over A132, A135, A1019 A604
Kettering - Harwich
Lancashire A673
Chorley - Bolton
Suggested extension in Bolton via A6054 and A5056 to Manchester Road (A666). (Present section of A673 from Marsden Road to Bridge Street to retain number A673 as spur)
Lancashire A676
Bolton - Edenfield
Suggested renumber entire route as A572 (see above) A676
didn't happen
Lancashire A6055
Bolton (Derby Street, pt)
suggested renumber as A572 (spur) actually renumbered as A579 (spur)?
Lancashire A6057
Bolton (Trinity Street and Bridgeman Place)
Suggested renumber as A6058 extension
Lincolnshire (Kesteven) B676 Extend over B1175 to Bourne
Lincolnshire (Kesteven) B672 Extend over B1174 to near Bourne
Northamptonshire B666
Renumber as B663 (split end) B666
Rutland B673
Renumber as B668 (split end) B673
Scotland A6 extend up A74 and A82 to Inverness proposal bluntly denied, yet T6 was proposed along the same route the next year (the number ended up not being used).
Scotland A6091 Renumber as A72 Didn't happen
Scotland A6094 Leadburn - A752 section renumbered as A701
Scotland A6106 to be renumbered as an extension of A199 didn't happen
Scotland, Northumberland A698 part renumbered A708 as part of Berwick extension didn't happen
Scotland, Northumberland A699 part renumbered A708 as part of Berwick extension didn't happen
Scotland B6358 to be extended and include route B6405 proposal denied
Scotland B6359 to be extended and include routes B6351 and B6399
Scotland B6360 to be extended and include route B7060 proposal denied
Scotland B6364 to be extended and include route B6436 proposal denied
Scotland B6371 to be extended and include route B6367
Scotland B6372 to be extended and include section of route B704 from junction ith B6372 at Gorebridge to junction with A766 at Peniculk
Scotland B6438 to be extended and include route B1344
Scotland B6457 to be extended and include B6458

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