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2010 Annual General Meeting

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The 2010 Annual General Meeting was held in its usual place at the Great Western public house, Sun Street, Wolverhampton. For the first time at an AGM, the event was preceded by a roadtrip around the Wolverhampton and Telford area.


The roadtrip started off well, despite Chris Marshall being stumped by the windscreen on Steven's car. It could've been worse for him - at least he wasn't 40 minutes early unlike Bryn who had to go and eat a McBreakfast to pass the time.

Once everyone arrived, there was the obligatory meet and greet before the two way radios were presented and tested. Once everything was assured to be working it was go go go and traffic was off out onto the A4124 and then the A4150. A blast through western Wolverhampton via the A464 followed, all the way to Shifnal Services where there was a comfort stop because the next stage was a trip through the trouser-dampeningly exciting metropolis of Dawley New Town (or Telford to use its Sunday name). The excitement never stops in this town, as evidenced by the fact the highlight of the road network was on the way out back to the M54.

Nicholas got his photo opportunity with the signs pointing to Lawley. Bryn and Chris entertained on the radios, and Nowster decided he didn't want to follow the other cars back to Wolverhampton from Ironbridge via the M54.

Once back in Wolverhampton, cars were collected and it was off to The Great Western for the AGM.


Was over and done with in less than 9 seconds. It would've been done quicker had people not stumbled over the word "No" when asked "Any Other Business".

Then Ritchie read from his laptop the results of the 2010 elections. As Haydn wasn't there, Ritchie phoned him with the speaker on full volume so everyone there could tell him he had won the election to become the Site Manager. Unfortunately, Haydn couldn't quite understand him due to Yorkshiremen being in God's country not understanding why people could live in the expensive south east and not speak properly. Honestly....

The Awayday Bit

This year, the weather kept to its usual AGM standard and was glorious. The sky was crystal clear due to the lack of planes from the Icelandic volcano, and therefore everyone was mainly outside. When Lenzar had finally parked up having been foiled by the closure of Corn Hill the maps were out in full swing.

Traffic Light Simon seemed to have attracted a huge wasp all afternoon, but that was the only niggle of the day. There was a new Ringways Map, along with some interesting maps courtesy of Peter B4570 complete with quiz element.

A cardboard box full of freebies was in the beer garden, and Steven made it clear he wasn't taking it back home. Chris had other ideas.

Unfortunately as ever the day zoomed along quickly, and people started to head off home, especially those with long journeys. Lenzar got foiled by the closure of Corn Hill for a second time (thus winning the Golden SatNav Award) and those who were left behind started to tidy up and make their way home.

The evening was ended by the glorious sight of four cars parking up outside Steven's house to leave the cardboard box on his driveway. Suffice to say he was less than impressed with the perpetrator of the crime (no names but it sounds very like "Chris")!


<googlemap version="0.9" lat="52.587113" lon="-2.1174" zoom="16"> 52.587136, -2.11756, The Great Western </googlemap>


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