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2010 Calderdale Awayday

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The 2010 Winter Awayday was first suggested by Steven. Bryn shouted, "Let's do Halifax!" Haydn was left holding the baby and sorted the pub out. Actually, arranging an Awayday isn't difficult -- just a case of finding a large pub with space for about 10-15 people, and maps, that is also near a few Sabristic sights.

View east from Scamonden Bridge

We ended up using The Watermill pub in Salterhebble near Halifax. It was right on the A629, so handy for the M62. Most of us met outside the pub from around 9:30am, with Steven being fashionably late in his flash new and very clean car. Haydn suggested going to see North Bridge first. This structure carries the A58 over the old railway sidings near Dean Clough Mills. After a short photo stop and a look at some plans, we headed off underneath Ovenden Road Viaduct, to return along the deck, which carries the A629 between Shroggs Road and Orange Street roundabout.

At this stage, Bryn's excellent navigation skills came into use, as he lost the lead two cars, which had headed back along the A629 to do a circuit around the rural west of Halifax, via Raw Lane, Mixenden Lane, Clough Lane, Balkram Edge, a side trip to see the Wind Turbines on Cold Edge Road (where it was very cold), then continue around the circuit along Stocks Lane, Luddenden Lane, join the A646 at Luddendenfoot then head northwest to Mytholmroyd where we met the lost two cars led by Bryn at Cragg Road.

The B6138 Cragg Road is famed for having the longest continuous gradient in England, raising 968 feet in 5½ miles. That's 295m in 885,139 cm for our metric friends – and with the ease of the base ten system, it's now easy to work out the km. Anyways, after a brief stop to try and break the pack ice on the Blackstone Edge Reservoir, we headed quickly down the A58 to Ripponden, then up the steep hill of the B6113 to Barkisland and then south on the B6114 to the highlight of Calderdale, the Scammonden Bridge. It wasn't as cold as fable suggests, but still required several layers and people were advised not to touch the steel barrier with bare hands.

Tucking into food

A quick scurry back to the pub was then called for, Haydn sounding the Le Mans-style start by getting in his car and starting his engine. We returned via the A640, through M62 J23, then skipped along some back roads to the northern most roundabout at Ainley Top, down the hill via Blackley Road, Hullen Edge Lane and various streets of West Vale, then back along the B6112 and A629 to the pub.

We were joined by Truvelo and Ritchie at the pub. The staff looked most bemused by a group of people in a pub, more interested in maps than beer, but the concern was soon quelled by a quick succession of food and drink orders, which ended in a mini crisis as Bryn decided he wasn't going to wait for his Roast Chicken and stuck his hand up when George's food came out. Jeni left early to play taxi to her dad, then Matte arrived with his dad.

After lunch, a couple of mini roadtrips sprung from the car park, one with Bryn, Nicholas and Steven to Burdock Way, then a second with Haydn, Ritchie and Serena to North Bridge, Burdock Way and Scammonden Bridge (again) which was even colder by this time. Steven did point out that there was no truth to the rumour that the second stage of Burdock Way was to be called Dandelion Way and Haydn confirmed that the contractor wasn't Barrs.

It was at this awayday that Ritchie333 and Steven first discussed the idea of SABRE Maps, which launched later in the year.

Attending members

  • B4133 - First home distinction after Jeni
  • Bryn666 - Golden Chicken award for best performance in chicken theft.
  • Danno B10M - Quietist sabristo of the day
  • Geo449 - Hungriest Sabristo, after ordering early and missing a sliding tackle from Bryn
  • Haydn1971 - Award for dirtiest car
  • Jeni - Left early to play taxi
  • Lockwood - Award for beating Apple to the iPad
  • Mattemotorway - Arrived after lunch
  • Nicholas - Merit for getting pictures up first
  • Nowster - Sporting GPS, Laptop, cameras and second cleanest car
  • Richard Walker - Award for silly sunglasses pose in the pub
  • Ritchie333 - Joined us at the pub, award for longest drive of the day (545 miles in total)
  • Sabrista - Was so excited she was there the night before and stayed two nights
  • Steven - Showing off his new car
  • Mini-Steven - Least trouble of the day.
  • Truvelo - Joined us at the pub, award for first food order

2010 Calderdale Awayday
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