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2011 Annual General Meeting

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The 2011 Annual General Meeting was held in its usual place at the Great Western public house, Sun Street, Wolverhampton on 2 April 2011.


Chris5156, ignoring any other business, got the 10th AGM done in the customary very quick time. The election results were announced, and a huge disappoint for supporters of that stalwart RON - once again, he stood for all the posts, and failed to get elected to any.

The Awayday Bit

This year, the weather kept to its usual AGM standard and was sunny with intermittent spells of cloudiness. However, we had a replacement sun for those times when the real sun was hiding behind clouds. Sadly, the big blue sign has been down in the dumps with homesickness since his visit to his home during the Worsley Awayday and refused to join Chris5156 for the ride up.

We looked at various maps, as always, including a load of old maps for SABRE maps that Ritchie333 might want. Chris discussed a little bit of road at Henlys Corner that was built slightly earlier than the rest of the roads built there in the 30s, and by the end of the decade had become nothing more than a left turn slip, that appears in a great many atlases, even today, as something important. Jeni and Truvelo wondered about the Droitwich bypass, why it was so over-powered, given it was built after the M5, and whether it was part of a ring-road plan. Steven and others got excited about a map showing the original layout of M54 J4.

At some point in the afternoon, the crowd appeared to be split into a "silly" corner, chaired by Bryn, and a "sensible" corner, chaired by Chris. The "sensible" corner discussed potential routings for the southern section of the Leeds Ring Road and the most suitable line to extend the M65 to Bradford and Leeds. The sabristi in the "silly" corner, meanwhile, were unleashed, with roads not the only topic. Fashion was another topic of conversation, with Jeni discussing si404 and Bryn666 sporting the same haircut with Jeni's ugg boots and shoe shopping made fun of in response. si404's jumper being compared to one that fictional sabristo, Alan Partridge would wear. The Wolves score, traditional counties and systems of measurement were also discussed, in a similar bantery way.


<googlemap version="0.9" lat="52.587113" lon="-2.1174" zoom="16"> 52.587136, -2.11756, The Great Western </googlemap>


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