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2012 Annual General Meeting

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The Great Western

The 2012 Annual General Meeting was held in its usual place at the Great Western public house, Sun Street, Wolverhampton on 14 April 2012.


Ritchie333 took 2.54 seconds to do the AGM, and then took ages to give the election results, negating the effort. Bryn666 hijacked the meeting and got everyone to introduce themselves. It ended up being the longest AGM in SABRE history.

The Awayday Bit

Ritchie had a new toy for SABRE Maps - a portable scanner and a scan-while-u-wait map service. It wasn't until late the the County of London Plan was found in Chris5156's box-o-maps and scanned.

We had a visitor from the colonies, who brought a wad of Maryland DOT state maps for us to have.


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