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From:  Beverley Bypass (TA002396)
To:  Hornsea (TA108439)
Via:  Leven
Distance:  15.6 miles (25.1 km)
Meets:  A1079, B1248, A164, A1174, B1230, A165, B1243, B1242
Former Number(s):  B1248, B1244
Old route now:  B1230
Highway Authorities

East Riding of Yorkshire

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A1035 Beverley Bypass - Leven
A1035 Link via Beverley
(A165) Leven Bypass
A1035 Leven - Hornsea


The A1035 runs between the A1079 Beverley Bypass and Hornsea.

Beverley Bypass

The road starts at a roundabout to the west of Beverley where we meet the A1079. Initially we head north but at the next roundabout, where we meet the B1248, we turn right and head back into Beverley town centre, to meet another roundabout on the northern edge of town. Here we turn away instead to meet the A164 at the next roundabout and run eastwards around the northern side of town (on a multiplex with the A164) to go over the railway line then TOTSO at the next roundabout, with the A1174 ahead.

Now back on our original route we head roughly eastwards along Hull Bridge Road to cross the river of that name. This is actually a bypass as well; the old bridge was to the right by the pub and has now been replaced by a footbridge. We then bypass Tickton before crossing two drains to take us to another roundabout on the A165 to the south of Leven.

WE multiplex along the A165 Leven bypass to the next roundabout where the A1035 regains its number and easterly course, along the former B1244. We run through Catwick to meet the B1243 in Sigglesthorne. The last couple of miles are along the north side of Hornsea Mere. At the eastern end of the lake, near the centre of Hornsea, the road reaches a roundabout on the B1242 coast road, where it ends.



Part of the former A1079 to the west of Beverley town centre was numbered as A1035 when that road's bypass of Beverly opened, and then this and the original western end of the A1035 were renumbered as A1174 when the A1035 was diverted north in 2007. The Beverley Northern Bypass consists of a road which opened in 1993, possibly as A1174, (but if so, became unclassified soon after,) a very short stretch of what was the A164, (which was later bypassed,) the former south-eastern end of the B1248 and Dog Kennel Lane (which was shown as C-something on a sign when the road was widened subsequent to the bypass being created). The A164 now multiplexes along the eastern part. Following the opening of Minster Way in 2015, the original western end of the A1035 became part of a re-routed B1230.


Tickton Bypass opened in 1974 per “The History of the County of York: East Riding Volume 6” of 1989. The steel rolling bridge over the River Hull in the village was demolished and replaced by a footbridge in 1976.

Eastern Extension

The road's eastern end was at White Cross, just south of Leven from classification, but was extended along the B1244 to its current eastern end in Hornsea, in the mid 2010s.

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