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From:  Hadleigh Bypass (TM020436)
To:  Bradfield Combust (TL891558)
Distance:  13.6 miles (21.9 km)
Meets:  A1071, B1115, B1071, A134
Former Number(s):  B1070
Old route now:  B1070
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A1141 Hadleigh - Bypass
A1141 Hadleigh Bypass - Bradfield Combust


The A1141 is an S2 cross-country road in Suffolk.

The road starts on the A1071 Hadleigh bypass. It heads north along the valley of the River Brett before having to TOTSO left and the B1115 continues ahead into Semer. We cross a hill before descending back into the valley in Monks Eleigh. The B1115 is met again (in fact it was a spur we met before) but this time we don't have to TOTSO, just bend sharply left, just after crossing the river.

A1141 on Lavenham High Street

We continue upstream through the centre of Monks Eleigh, finally leaving the B1115 behind on the far side of the village. We then skirt Brent Eleigh before a rural section of road (with occasional river crossing) brings us to the attractive town of Lavenham. There's a sharp left turn on the eastern edge of town before we run along the narrow Water Street, which starts off Georgian but soon becomes half-timbered. At the end of the road we TOTSO right onto the High Street, left being the B1071.

We climb, then descend, the High Street and soon reach open country again. We continue north across the fields, with the occasional very sharp bend to keep us on our toes. There are no more places of any size on the road, although we do pass several buildings and skirt the village of Cockfield. Presently we reach Cross Green, which is little more than a village green, before a few more fields take us to the road's terminus at a T-junction on the A134 to the south of Bradfield Combust.


Originally the whole of the above was numbered as part of the B1070 and remained so until the section of that road between the A1071 in Hadleigh and the A134 in Bradfield Combust was upgraded to become the A1141 in the 1960s. The A1141's original southern end was in the centre of Hadleigh on the pre-bypass route of the A1071; when the bypass was built the A1141 was cut back slightly so it still ended on that road and the vacated section got its old number, B1070, back.

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