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From:Woodbridge Bypass (TM266504)
To:Rendlesham (TM343534)
Length:5.7 miles (9.2 km)
Meets: A12, B1438, B1083, B1084, B1069
Former Number(s):B1084, B1069
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A1152 Woodbridge Bypass - Rendlesham


The A1152, a fairly short A-road in east Suffolk, is one of a select group of Class I roads, in that it ends on a Class II road inland.

The road's western end is at a roundabout on the A12 (the only A-road the A1152 meets) on the northern edge of Woodbridge. The A1152 heads east across the fields as the Woodbridge northern bypass. We soon enter Melton, where there is a signalised crossroads with the B1438 (original A12). The road ahead is a bypass of the village centre: the original line of the road turned left then right to run the full length of Station Road. Old and new roads meet just before the station, after which the road bends right to cross the railway line at a level crossing.

Approaching the B1083

The road continues east across the marshes to cross the River Deben at the Wilford Bridge. The B1083 turns right at the next roundabout whilst we pass between a golf course and the village of Bromeswell. We TOTSO left, with the road ahead the B1084. After a straight run northeastwards through Eyke we bend to the right to pass the old village of Rendlesham before skirting the new estate. After a brief wooded section the road ends at a roundabout which provides access to Rendlesham and the former RAF Bentwaters. The road ahead is numbered B1069.


The A1152 was presumably created in order to serve RAF Bentwaters, although the road did not come into existence until the 1960s despite the RAF station dating back to World War II. The road was created by shortening two B-roads that otherwise still exist: the B1084 from the Woodbridge bypass to the TOTSO at Bromeswell, then the B1069 from there on.

Although the RAF station no longer exists, there has been no call to downgrade the road again.

CrossingsWilford Bridge
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