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A11 (Jersey)

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La Vallee de Saint-Pierre
From:  A1/A2 junction (XD893780)
To:  St Peters Valley Head (XD873756)
Distance:  2.2 miles (3.5 km)
Meets:  A1, B89, B58, B26
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A11 St Peters Valley Road
This article is about the Jersey A11.
For the British A11, see A11
For the Manx A11, see A11 (Isle of Man).

The A11 is a short A road up St Peter's Valley.

The 'A11 begins at the junction between the A1 and A2. Other than buses, this isn't much of a junction. The A2 can only access, and be accessed, from the A1 to/from St Aubin. And likewise the A1 from St Helier can only access the A11. Traffic can head north on the A11 from both directions of the A1, but traffic from the A11 can only head east on the A1 to St Helier.

Heading north up St Peter's Valley, the A11 heads through the village of Spring Grove. At the B89, the road sharply turns left then sharply right, and the village is left. The road twists, staying at roughly the same height along the valley, the bottom of which rises up to meet it. The B58 and C113 head west to St Peter and the C124 and C112 head east to Carrefour. The A11 ends at a fork: to the left the B26 to St Ouen (formerly B68), to the right the B26 to St Mary.

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A11 (Jersey)
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