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From:  Norwich (TG238084)
To:  Thorpe St Andrew (TG274087)
Via:  Thorpe Road
Distance:  2.4 miles (3.9 km)
Meets:  A147, A1042
Former Number(s):  A47
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A1242 Norwich - Thorpe St Andrew

The A1242 runs east from Norwich city centre. Originally part of the A47 it gained its current number in the 1990s when that road was moved onto the current bypass.

The road starts at traffic lights on the A147 inner ring road by the station. It heads east along the residential Thorpe Road and a couple of bends lead to a gyratory. Eastbound traffic continues straight whereas westbound traffic follows the other two sides of the triangle.

A spur of the A1242 leads off the southwest corner of the gyratory along Canary Way. It crosses the railway line to reach traffic lights on the A147 by the Carrow Road stadium. This spur presumably exists to provide access to the A1242, as right turns are prohibited at the other western end.

Thorpe Road

From the eastern corner of the gyratory the A1242 continues east along an S2 road through the suburbs. We soon reach the boundary of the City of Norwich although there is no obvious change on the ground. The now-unclassified road to the left, met at traffic lights, was the Norwich ring road for many years. As we pass through the old village of Thorpe St Andrew the Norfolk Broads National Park appears to the right of the road - and we skirt the River Yare for a short distance.

The river - and the National Park - are left behind and the road becomes suburban once more. We continue east along Yarmouth Road and soon reach a mini-roundabout on the A1042. The A1242 ends here, with the other road continuing ahead along the ex-A47.

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Thorpe Rd Norwich (A1242) (C) Glyn Baker - Geograph - 3431235.jpg
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