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A12 (Jersey)

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From:  Beaumont (XD884781)
To:  St Ouen (XD853741)
Via:  St Peter
Distance:  3.5 miles (5.6 km)
Meets:  A1, B36, B58, B41, B69, B32, B26, B88, B64, B55
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Route outline (key)
A12 Beaumont - Leoville
This article is about the Jersey A12.
For the British A12, see A12
For the Manx A12, see A12 (Isle of Man).

The A12 is a major route in western Jersey, linking St Ouen, St Peter and Jersey Airport to St Helier.

The roundabout with the A1

The A12 begins at Beaumont, an unusual small roundabout with the A1. Formerly a standard mini roundabout, the junction has been resigned as a 'Filter in Turn' junction, which help alleviate peak time queues by removing priority from any one movement. The A12 heads north along La Route de Beaumont and quickly becomes a rural route, on the side of a steep hill and climbing gently up it. As he road reaches a mini roundabout with the B36 to the Airport, it becomes flatter, straighter, and more urban once more.

After the junction with the B58, the A12 runs alongside the eastern boundary of the Airport. After passing the Airport, we enter St Peter and the speed limit decreases from NSL (40mph) to 20mph. There is a crossroads with the B41 and C113 in the centre of the village. Just before the B69 forks off, the limit returns to NSL. This limit change is quickly followed by junctions with the B32 and B26 at La Croix au Lion.

The road becomes rural again, passing through both woods and fields. After a mile, at the edge of St Ouen, the speed limit drops to 30mph. In the centre of the village there is a staggered crossroads where the A12 ends, the B88 heading east, the B64 heading west and the B55 continuing ahead to the north.

A12 (Jersey)
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