A13 (Jersey)

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From:  St Aubin (XD876791)
To:  La Moye (XD841794)
Via:  St Brelade
Distance:  2.9 miles (4.7 km)
Meets:  A1, B57, B66, B36, B45, B35, B44, B83
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Route outline (key)
A13 St Aubin - La Moye
This article is about the Jersey A13.
For the British A13, see A13
For the Manx A13, see A13 (Isle of Man).
Entering St Aubin from the west

The A13 begins as a continuation of the A1 where the A road route turns inland at St Aubin at the western end of St Aubin's Bay. Continuing south from the junction is a minor road around the harbour, which then climbs steeply up around hairpins to meet the A13. The main road, meanwhile, turns west along Charing Cross, and climbs up the narrow street between buildings packed tightly along the roadside. On leaving the town the road climbs on a ledge cut into the hillside, before a sweeping bend takes it over a bridge and back along the other side of the valley. Under the bridge, the Corbiere Railway walk is a popular cycle route and walkway following the old railway line west a little more directly than the road manages!

As the road wiggles around, it enters the small village of Greenville, where the B57 heads south to Ouaisne, quickly followed by the B66 forking off to St Brelade's bay. The road is now running through St Brelade, and at Red Houses crossroads in the centre there it meets the B36 which heads north to the airport, and the B45 running south to the Bay. Continuing westwards, the A13 ends at a T-junction with the B44 (also signed as B83 which turns off very shortly afterwards) heading straight on to Corbiere and the B35 being a right turn to St Ouen's Bay.

A13 (Jersey)
JunctionsRed Houses (Jersey)
PlacesSt Brelade
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