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From:  Norwich (TG227093)
To:  Hellesdon (TG216116)
Distance:  2.6 miles (4.2 km)
Meets:  A147, A1067, A1024, A1042, A140
Former Number(s):  A140
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A1402 Norwich - Hellesdon

The A1402 follows the old route of the A140 to the north of Norwich city centre. It gained its number in 1992 when that road gained its current route along part of the city's outer ring road.

Roadworks making St Augustine's Street one-way

The A1402 starts at a roundabout on the A147 inner ring road and heads north along Pitt Street. A one-way loop (put in in the 2010s) is met almost immediately. Northbound traffic bears left onto the narrow St Augustine's Street before continuing straight across traffic lights onto the two-way Aylsham Road. Southbound traffic is forced eastwards here to run along the other two sides of the triangle. It bears right at a fork met immediately to run along Magpie Road, then takes the first turn right, at traffic lights. It then skirts a car park (part of which was removed to build this new link road) to rejoin the northbound carriageway.

Aylsham Road heads northwestwards for a short distance before the A1067 turns off to the left. The road continues through the suburbs into Mile Cross. After passing the remarkably large 1930s St Catherine's Church the A1024 (Norwich's original western bypass) comes in from the left at traffic lights. The A1402 continues for another few hundred yards before coming to an end on the outer ring road, at a bizarre junction which is the love child of a roundabout and a signalised crossroads. The A140 (ancestor of the A1402) comes in from the left and continues ahead whilst the road to the right is the A1042.

Few if any of the signs between the City centre ring road and the A1067 junction give the A1402 number, and indeed some appear to suggest that the road is now part of the A1067 itself, as several are missing the brackets which should otherwise be displayed. The OS also seem to think that the A1067 now continues to meet the A47, at the expense of the A1402. It is not clear what the correct current situation is.

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Roadworks in St Augustines Street,... (C) Evelyn Simak - Geograph - 2101066.jpg
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