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Location Map
Highfield Cadwell - Geograph - 520285.jpg
Highfield Cadwell
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From:  Honington (SK937425)
To:  Louth (TF317857)
Via:  Sleaford, Horncastle
Distance:  44 miles (70.8 km)
Meets:  A607, A15, A17, A155, A158, A16
Former Number(s):  B1517
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A153 Honington - Quarrington
(A15) Quarrington - Holdingham
(A17) Holdingham - Sleaford (N)
A153 Sleaford - Louth Bypass

The A153 is a cross-country A-road in Lincolnshire.

The road starts at a TOTSO on the A607 at Honington, a few miles to the north of Grantham. Honington was bypassed early on and the original route of the A153, Main Street, is clearly unsuitable for through traffic. The road heads east, skirting the edge of higher ground to the right, to reach Ancaster and the B6403, which is here following the Roman Ermine Street. This is crossed at traffic lights.

The next village is Wilsford, although A153 has always avoided the village centre, after which the Grantham to Sleaford railway line is crossed at a level crossing. The road runs very close to the railway line for the next couple of miles, passing a turn to Rauceby station (in the village of Greylees) before another level crossing leads to a roundabout on the A15 Sleaford bypass.

Originally the A153 went straight through Sleaford (the old road is the B1517) but now piggy-backs along the two roads that make up the bypass. It heads north along the A15 to the large Holdingham roundabout (which also provides access to a service station) then east along the dual-carriageway A17 northern bypass. The A153 regains its number by turning off at a GSJ on the northern edge of town.

The A153 heads north but not for long. After meeting the B1209 there is a roundabout. Ahead is the B1188 into Ruskington and the A153 turns right, as it always has done. The Sleaford to Lincoln railway line is crossed (at a bridge for a change) and the road runs along the edge of the Fens. This section is largely straight except for bends through the village of Anwick.

To the south of North Kyme the A153 turns sharply left on meeting the B1395 and goes through the village. A Fen drain is met which is followed to - and through - Billinghay, after which the road makes a beeline for Tattershall Bridge where it crosses the River Witham. The old bridge, now closed to traffic, is clearly visible to the right.

The A153 now enters Tattershall along Sleaford Road. It runs right past the castle, now owned by the National Trust, before going through the village centre and crossing the River Bain into Coningsby. On the far side of town the A155 bears off to the right at a roundabout and the A153 continues north along the river. Presently the road enters Horncastle. It enters town along Boston Road to cross the A158 throughpass at traffic lights; there was formerly a short multiplex until that road turned off to the left along the High Street.

The A153 continues north out of Horncastle before climbing gradients not yet seen on this road (although this is not particularly steep). After reaching the top of a hill the road bends sharply right to descend - steeply this time - into Scamblesby before climbing steeply again. The A153 passes to the north of Tatwell before descending to meet the A16 Louth bypass at a staggered crossroads. Originally the road continued on ahead to end on the A16 in the centre of town.

CrossingsTattershall Bridge
PlacesLouth (Lincolnshire) • Sleaford
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