A16 (Jersey)

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From:  St Helier (XD921798)
To:  South Hill (XD920803)
Distance:  0.5 miles (0.8 km)
Meets:  A1, A17, A4
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Route outline (key)
A16 St Helier - South Hill
This article is about the Jersey A16.
For the British A16, see A16
For the Manx A16, see A16 (Isle of Man).

The A16 forms a route through St Helier's docks.

The A1 dual carriageway comes to an end at a junction where the A17 continues ahead into the tunnel, but the mainline swings right and becomes the A16 as it narrows from D2 to S2. It is now heading south alongside the harbour, and a sharp 90 degree left turn is quickly followed by another, to the right, as the road winds around the English Harbour. On the opposite side of the road are some of the massive retaining walls related to Fort Regent at the top of Mount Bingham above. Sandwiched between wall and water, the road heads towards the newer docks, with piers coming off. The wall drops to road level, and the A16 turns sharp left, effectively forming a u-turn. The X5 continues ahead to serve the power station and oil terminal, whilst the A16 climbs up on the other side of the wall, to a second U bend. This is the end of the route, the mainline doubling back again and becoming the A4, heading east along the coast. This bend is a tighter u-turn than at the bottom of the wall.

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A16 (Jersey)
JunctionsWeighbridge Place (Jersey)
PlacesSt Helier
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