A17 (Jersey)

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From:  St Helier Harbour (XD921798)
To:  Georgetown (XD931801)
Via:  St Helier Tunnel
Distance:  0.7 miles (1.1 km)
Meets:  A1, A16, B79, A15, A3
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Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A17 La Route du Fort

The A17 forms a useful E-W link bypassing both St Helier town centre, and the steepness of the hill immediate to the south, by tunnelling under Fort Regent.

the western portal of the St Helier Tunnel

Turning off the A1 as it becomes the A16 the A17 almost immediately enters the St Helier Tunnel under Fort Regent. After leaving the tunnel, there is a large roundabout with the B79, which appears to be the eastern flank of the ring road. After a signallised crossroads with the A15, the road descends into Georgetown. It ends when the A3 merges in just before a 6-way junction with the A3 bearing left and the B47 to the A5 and A4 heading straight on.

the junction with the A15

A17 (Jersey)
JunctionsWeighbridge Place (Jersey)
CrossingsSt Helier Tunnel
PlacesSt Helier
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Direction signage in St.Helier, Jersey - Coppermine - 18274.jpgSt.Helier Tunnel, St.Helier Jersey - Coppermine - 18283.jpg
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