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A180 (Durham Coast Road)

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From:  Easington (NZ416435)
To:  Tees Bay (NZ521274)
Distance:  14 miles (22.5 km)
Met:  A19, A1049, A179, A689, A178
Now part of:  A1086
Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A180 Easington - Tees Bay
This article is about a proposed, but unbuilt road along the coast of County Durham.
For the major road that runs from the M180 to Grimsby and Cleethorpes, see A180
For the former A180 near Durham City, see A180 (Durham - Byers Garth).

The A180 appears in the 1922 Road Lists as Durham Coast Road (proposed new road).

An early report appears in the Yorkshire Post on 3 August 1921, shortly after the new road between Hartlepool and Easington (see A1086) had been approved by Durham County Council in April 1921. It reported on a proposal for a great north-east coast road from Yorkshire to the Tyne, lying a good deal eastward from the then present highway from Yarm, through Stockton-on-Tees, to Newcastle.

The route was from Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge at Port Clarence to Seaton Carew on the recently constructed road opened on 6 January 1919. Hartlepool (then called West Hartlepool: today's Hartlepool consisted of two separate towns in the 1920s) would be passed through, to join the section under construction to Easington. Existing (A19, now B1432) and new sections would carry the new road by Ryhope and South Hylton to the Tyne near Bill Quay (2.5 mile east of Gateshead) where it was reported a new bridge may someday be built, possibly jointly with a railway company.

It mentioned that the section north of Ryhope was only at the discussion stage and it would involve a new bridge over the River Wear costing more than £200,000 (there was then just a ferry). The proposed road would form an avoiding road around Sunderland.

The section from Hartlepool to Easington opened in 1924 as the A1086 which it remains (the Horden to Easington section was A182). Although no bypass was built around Hartlepool, there was a connecting road built between the two sections either side of the town which also bypassed Seaton Carew. This was the B1277 Brenda Road which opened in two stages in 1924 and 1927, although York Road was used through the town.

The A180 does not appear on contemporary MOT maps as under construction (unlike, say, the A2 Dartford Bypass, A4 Great West Road and A36 Portway) and is believed to be the only road in the 1922 list allocated to a proposed, but unbuilt, route, as opposed to a road that was under construction but had not yet opened.

A180 (Durham Coast Road)
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