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From:  High Street (TQ464716)
To:  Elm Road (TQ461715)
Via:  The Green
Distance:  0.2 miles (0.3 km)
Meets:  A211, A222
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Route outline (key)
A2001 Link in Sidcup

The A2001 is purely a link road between the A211 and the A222 in Sidcup and allows traffic to avoid the crossroads at the Police Station. In the past it formed part of the original road from Sidcup to Chislehurst until Elm Road was built in the 19th Century. It is still narrow throughout its length. The road number is not mentioned on any permanent signs but when some recent road works took place, the A2001 was confirmed on a temporary sign.

Until 2002 there were no traffic lights on the A2001 but when the Safeway supermarket (now a Morrisons) was being built, a set of lights was installed at either end of the road. A width restriction for traffic travelling from the A222 to A211 was added at the same time.

The Green, Sidcup

From the junction with the A211 the A2001 is called Church Road and the Victorian St John's Church soon appears on our left. The first church on the site was built as a Chapel of Ease for St Nicholas' Church at Chislehurst and the current building is the third on the site. The churchyard is very attractive, as are the houses further on our left as the A2001 bends round into The Green and passes the width restriction.

On our left is a park called The Green, which forms part of Sidcup Place, and the Manor House is on our right. The Manor House is now used as a Registry Office for the London Borough of Bexley, although there was never a manor at Sidcup. The road finishes at a set of traffic lights with the A222 by an attractive 19th-Century lodge which was part of Sidcup Place.

Original Author(s): A211 Driver

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