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From:  West Wickham (TQ392654)
To:  Epsom (TQ210608)
Via:  Purley
Distance:  13.5 miles (21.7 km)
Meets:  A232, A212, B275, B269, A22, A23, B272, A237, B278, B2217, B2218, A217, A240, B291, B288, B284, A24
Former Number(s):  B268, B280
Highway Authorities

Bromley  • Croydon  • Surrey  • Sutton

Traditional Counties

Kent • Surrey

Route outline (key)
A2022 West Wickham - Purley
(A22) Purley
A2022 Purley - Epsom Downs
(A240) Epsom Downs
A2022 Epsom Downs - Epsom
This article is about the current A2022 between West Wickham and Epsom.
For an earlier road also numbered A2022 northwest of Horsham in Sussex, see A2022 (Sussex)


The A2022 is an east-west route running through the region where South London meets rural Surrey. It is heavily used as an alternative to the A232.

Section 1: West Wickham - Purley

Addington Road, West Wickham looking West

The road starts at the roundabout with the A232 as Addington Road, with housing on either side that has its own service roads. At the roundabout, which was installed in the mid 1980s, the A2022 takes on a more semi-rural feel and becomes 40 mph, although this stretch used to be NSL until at least the year 2000. There are open fields on our left, with West Wickham Church behind, and Sparrows Den playing fields on our right, with Spring Park Wood behind. During a wet winter in the early 2000s the playing fields became a lake for a few months but new drainage works should prevent this occurring in the future. The Roman Road from London to Lewes crosses our route around here but you would not notice. Spring Park Wood and the adjacent fields are owned by the City of London Corporation.

We leave the London Borough of Bromley for the London Borough of Croydon and the A2022 becomes Kent Gate Way. The high rise flats of New Addington can be seen on our left. At the next roundabout we can turn left for New Addington or right for the prettier Addington Village which is worth a brief visit, although we continue straight ahead. There is also a bus station with an interchange with the Croydon Tramlink. The trams cross the eastbound carriageway to the central reservation of the short section of dual carriageway and then cross the westbound carriageway. On our right is the Grade II listed Georgian mansion of Addington Palace which is mentioned in the Domesday Book and was used by the former Archbishops of Canterbury; it has some open days during the year.

At the next roundabout with the A212 (former B271) Gravel Hill the dual carriageway ends and we are back down to 30 mph for Selsdon Park Road. We pass the 1970s Forestdale estate and climb up to Selsdon, where the A2022 becomes Addington Road again. There are often long hold-ups because of the traffic lights with Farley Road and Old Farleigh Road. We continue to climb, passing the Selsdon Park Hotel. The B275 Upper Selsdon Road joins us on the right and then we pass the woodlands of Sanderstead Plantation. At the next roundabout at Sanderstead, we cross the lengthy B269. We go straight over the roundabout into Rectory Park and start to descend quite steeply, passing more fields and woodland of the North Downs countryside. There is a fairly sharp bend into Mitchley Avenue and after descending we climb quite steeply into Riddlesdown and pass over the East Grinstead and Uckfield line which is in a tunnel deep below. We pass through a series of bends into Downs Court Road (there are frequent hold-ups here) and descend again to the traffic-light-controlled junction with the A22 Godstone Road. The A2022 multiplexes with the A22 from here. We go under the railway bridge at Purley Station and pass the former water works on the left, which has become a superstore, to reach the very busy Purley gyratory with the A23 and A235.

Section 2: Purley - Banstead

The A2022 descends gently towards Purley

The A22 terminates on the A23 but we leave the gyratory going into Foxley Lane, which gradually ascends through very green and leafy surburbia with the exclusive Woodcote Garden Village built during the 1920s on the left. Several roads around here are private and unmade. The A2022 meets the A237 at a mini-roundabout which was traffic lights until the mid-1980s, and go straight on for Little Woodcote Lane. Some fields appear on our right and we leave the London Borough of Croydon for the London Borough of Sutton; however, we have left suburbia as there are fields on both sides. Most of the farms were smallholdings set up by Surrey County Council in the 1920s for ex-soldiers returning from the First World War. They were not successful but some of them have become nurseries.

We are back to 40 mph for this stretch, although there is a short 30 mph section where two mini-roundabouts allow the B278 to cross our route. This can be quite busy in peak hours and the road becomes Croydon Lane. On our right we have The Oaks Park where the Earl of Derby lived, who founded the Epsom Downs Race Course and the famous horse race. The house was demolished between 1956 and 1960 and the site is now a country park and golf course. We leave the London Borough of Sutton and Greater London for Reigate & Banstead Borough Council and Surrey. There is some residential development and a 30 mph sign warning us that we are coming into Banstead, and we meet the B2217 and B2218 at a roundabout.

Section 3: Banstead - Epsom

Banstead Village is off to our left but the A2022 carries straight on along Winkworth Road which is 40 mph with 20 mph service roads either side. The B2219 joins on the left and the road briefly becomes Bolters Lane and leads to the large signalled controlled junction with the very busy A217. We are on the edge of Banstead Downs, an area of heath and golf courses. The A2022 goes straight on to Fir Tree Road and gradually descends to a set of traffic lights at the Drift Bridge Hotel. Fir Tree Road carries straight on as the B291 but the A2022 turns right and briefly multiplexes with the A240 Reigate Road underneath the impressive Drift Bridge which carries the Epsom Downs railway branch.

College Road

The A2022 turns left at a roundabout into College Road and reaches a set of traffic lights with Longdown Lane South and North, from where the B288 multiplexes with the A2022 for the next mile as we approach Epsom. College Road carries straight on but the A2022 bears off to the right into Alexandra Road, after which the B288 turns right into Mill Road as the A2022 Alexandra Road curves to the left into the Upper High Street and finishes at a light-controlled junction with the B284 and A24 in Epsom's attractive High Street.


The A2022 came into being in the mid-1970s although the route has seen a few changes in road numbering since it was originally classified in 1922.

The first section of Addington Road and the one-way unclassified section of Croydon Road formed part of the A232 until Glebe Way was completed in the 1950s. The A232 turned right into Corkscrew Hill and Wickham Court Road towards West Wickham High Street. The section of the current A2022 between West Wickham and Sanderstead was the B268, after which the road to Purley and the A22 was unclassified until the upgrading to the A2022. On the far side of town, the section between Purley and Epsom formed part of the B280.

Banstead Bypass

The 0.7 mile Winkworth Road from Bolters Lane to Croydon Lane opened in April 1933. It included a roundabout at the Sutton Lane junction. Cost £17,020.

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