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Location Map ( geo)
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From:  A20/M20 Castle Hill Interchange (TR212375)
To:  Folkestone town centre (TR226360)
Distance:  1.7 miles (2.7 km)
Meets:  M20, A20, B2064, A259, A2033
Former Number(s):  A20
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A2034 Castle Hill - Folkestone
Cheriton Road, Folkestone

Unlike its neighbour, the A2033, the A2034 has grown from its original length. Like the A2033, though, it began as something else entirely.

The A20 originally ended in Folkestone. It went along Cheriton High Street, then Cheriton Road, right into the town centre where it met the A259, which continued to Dover. However, by 1955 it was realised that most traffic along this route to Dover came via London and Maidstone, so the A20 took over the route to Dover, partly in consequence of the building of a new Folkestone bypass which went via Cherry Garden and Churchill Avenues. The bit of Cheriton Road left over became the A2034.

The current A2034 runs the length of Cherry Garden Avenue in its own right. However, the number is unsigned here and the old, white signs saying A20 remain.

We start our journey at Junction 13 of the M20. Heading down Cherry Garden Avenue at 40 mph, we go past a Table Table before entering the suburbs of Folkestone. This bit used to be the A20 until the roads were renumbered a few years ago.

At the end of Cherry Garden Avenue, we head left onto Cheriton Road, where the A2034 originally started. We slow down to 30 mph here. Heading past the Harvey Grammar School on the left, and a cemetery on the right, we are on a wide stretch of road which is popular with speeders, so watch out. Morrisons Folkestone and Radnor Park are on our left, before a roundabout where we meet the A259.

Heading past Folkestone Central station, we briefly multiplex with the A259 before bearing left again onto Cheriton Road (yet another section). The road from here is one-way. At the end, we head left onto the last section of Cheriton Road where at the end we meet up with the A2033.

Heading westbound involves a different route. We leave the A2033 at the bottom end of the "ring road" and continue along Cheriton Gardens before hitting Shorncliffe Road, a short section of D2. At the next roundabout, we hit the A259 and continue along it before arriving at Radnor Park and rejoining the A2034.

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