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From:  Brenzett (TR006269)
To:  Kennington (TR025444)
Distance:  13.5 miles (21.7 km)
Meets:  A259, B2080, B2067, A2042, A292, M20, A20, A292, A28
Former Number(s):  B2070, B2164
Old route now:  A2042
Primary Destinations
Highway Authorities

National Highways • Kent

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A2070 Brenzett – Willesborough
A2070 Willesborough – Kennington
A2070 (Brenzett – Hamstreet – Kingsnorth – Ashford)

The A2070 is an important A-road in Kent, linking Brenzett with Ashford and the M20. It is used by traffic heading south from Folkestone and Dover, which meant in the 1990s it was completely rebuilt and now only a small section still runs on the original route. It has an unusual history as it has been a B road, A road, primary route and trunk road.


The A2070 on the new route north of Hamstreet

The route starts at a roundabout in Brenzett (formerly a T-junction) and runs completely flat crossing its old route at various points. The single section of old road is traversed until it leaves, heading for Hamstreet. The route now bypasses Hamstreet, climbing the ridge of clay hills and crossing the Marshlink Line and B2067. A link road to the old route appears at the top of the hill, after which the old route is not seen again. Five straight miles parallel to the Marshlink Line and one roundabout later, it reaches the burgeoning suburbs of Ashford and spirals up elegantly onto the dual carriageway Ashford South Orbital road. In the other direction, the road TOTSOs with the A2042 heading straight ahead. After another roundabout, a spur, also numbered A2070, goes off to M20 junction 10A (opened in 2019), while the traditional A2070 meets the A292, A20 and the M20 at the notorious Junction 10. Beyond this, the A2070 is a suburban route passing the William Harvey Hospital and Julie Rose stadium, briefly glimpsing countryside before the suburbs once again encroach as it nears the A28 at a roundabout, where it has reached its end. {{clear left))


The route in 1990

The A2070 came into existence in the 1980s as an upgrade of the B2081 from Brenzett to Snave and then the B2070 to the Ashford ring road. Later on, the road had been further upgraded to primary, then trunk road status to relieve the A259 between Brenzett and Folkestone. In the 1990s the road was completely reconstructed, bypassing Snave and Hamstreet, removing Ruckinge Level Crossing and creating Park Farm Estate. Following the construction of the Ashford Southern Bypass in 1992, the A2070 was extended north along the bypass and what was the B2164 to reach the A28.

Opening Dates

Year Section Notes
1992 Ashford: Southern Orbital Bad Munstereifel Road. The extension west of Ashford Business Park to Flanders Roundabout. Reported that it was due to open in September by the Kentish Express of 13 August 1992. Described as newly opened by the 5 November 1992 edition. Flanders Roundabout was then known as Park Farm Roundabout. The section west of Park Farm Junction was later renumbered A2042.
1994 Hamstreet Bypass Construction News of 6 October 1994 described the bypass as recently completed. Kentish Express of 27 April 1995 also reported that Ashford to Hamstreet Bypass had opened last year. It was part of the Ashford - Brenzett Improvement scheme that was completed in 1995.
1995 Hamstreet - Brenzett The 2.5 mile road from Stockbridge, south of Johnsons Corner and the Hamstreet Bypass, was opened on 6 December 1995 by Derrick Molock, County Council Chairman. It comprised an embankment over the marsh together with extensive drainage. Contractor was Kent County Council's Contract Services, cost £4.1 million. Brenzett Roundabout had opened on 28 January 1994. It completed the Ashford to Brenzett improvements.

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