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Deptford Church Street
From:  Deptford (TQ373776)
To:  Deptford Bridge (TQ373769)
Distance:  0.4 miles (0.6 km)
Meets:  A200, A2, A2210
Highway Authorities

Lewisham  • Greenwich

Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A2209 Deptford - Deptford Bridge


Railway bridge

The A2209 is a short road in Deptford.

It is a useful piece of dual carriageway (although one lane is marked out as a bus lane in both directions) that links the A200 (Creek Road) and A2 (Deptford Broadway). Deptford Church Street is an older road that was widened in the 1960s/1970s. It passes to the rear of the impressive St Paul's Church which is worth a visit. St Paul's Deptford was one of the 50 new churches to be constructed under the auspices of a Commission set up by the Tory Government of the time. Thomas Archer was selected as the architect and most of the fabric and decoration were completed in 1720, but the church was not completed until 1730. Nearby is the interesting Albury Street which has some early Georgian houses.

The A2209 also passes under the London to Greenwich railway, one of the oldest railways in London, and nearby Deptford Station is the oldest in London still in continuous use. We pass a roundabout and the Docklands Light Railway Lewisham Branch comes in close to our left by Deptford Creek. The A2209 curves and finishes at a major signalised junction with the A2 and A2210 at Deptford Broadway.


The original route of the A2209 along Deptford High Street

Originally the A2209 ran slightly to the west along Deptford High Street, although it still connected the A200 and A2. The road had been moved onto the more suitable Deptford Church Street by the 1980s - presumably when the road was dualled. The old road is still open to traffic but the southern section is one-way southbound.

Original Author(s): A211 Driver

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