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A23/Handcross - Warninglid

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A23 Handcross - Warninglid
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Plans to widen the poor quality D2 section to modern D3, with improvements to the junctions at Handcross, Slaugham and Warninglid. Plans in the 1990s included a fourth lane up the hill northbound, though the works were carried out to have three lanes in both directions, however the third lane to have restrictions on vehicles over 7.5T on the uphill stretch (both southbound and northbound). Preparatory works started in October 2011. Main works started in July 2012, works were finished in October 2014.


North of Handcross

Originally the third lane ended as a legal lane at the Handcross Services changing it from a D3 to a D2, this is no longer the case and runs as D3 throughout

Handcross Junction

Main carriageway is now D3 upgraded from the D2 While heading southbound there was a way to exit the A23 onto the B2110, while not signed posted as illegal you could drive up the slip road (as slip road is two way traffic as houses are along it), this is no longer possible as the southbound slip road has been extended by 150 meters, seperated and the bottom end is now one way only. The Northbound exit / entry has remained similar, however the slips are now longer and the vehicle weighing station has been moved to allow the extra lane

Between Handcross and Slaugham Junction

The main carriageway has been upgraded to D3 from D2. Both carriageways have been adjusted to be straighter and be on the same level, although the northbound is still slightly below the southbound. Trees in the central reservation have also been removed and placed with a concrete barrier. The pavement has been retained on the southbound, however has been wided provides a shortcut and a safer route for cyclists using the National Cycle Route 20. Some access roads for a few farm properties have been closed and relocated to slaugham junction.

Slaugham Junction

Slaugham Junction has been removed for normal traffic. The old slip roads now take the duty of carrying the alternative cycle route, this is also where the cycle route switches from the east side to the west side. The southbound slip road is now access road for property.

Slaugham to Warninglid Junction

This section keeps to the theme of upgraded from D2 to D3 while removing access roads. Both carriageways have moved the east slightly to allow a new road named "Nursery Lane" to the west for access to multiple properties such as residential houses, a nursery (which since has closed and destroyed) and a motel. Nursery Lane is also designated to carry cycle traffic and connects via a cycle path to Slaugham junction There was also half a dozen properties on the western side which had access only from the A23, these properties have had a new road built named Stanbridge Lane which gets access from Staplefield Lane that runs parallel to the A23.

Warningham Junction

Southbound nothing has changed and it remains as a sharp exit / entry in the form of a seperated T-Junction. Northbound was previously a similar junction north of the intercepting road on a 150m spur of the A23. This junction was (and still is) a difficult junction to both exit and enter due to its sharp bends. To accommodate the new road Nursery Lane, a roundabout was added to the spur. Exiting off the A23 remains the same, however now requiring to give way to local traffic at the roundabout, this exit is very sharp requiring the driver to do a near 180 turn. The on-slip has been extended to roughly triple its original length, however it is still a dangerous junction. The cycleway now crosses the spur at a traffic island rather than the on and off slip.


Imh080489 A23 Interim site office.jpg

In 2011, an interim site office was established at the site of the former Poplar Nursery at Warninglid junction and environmental mitigation work started in March including clearance of the site of the site office proper and the removal of invasive weeds. On Sunday 9th October 2011 site preparation started officially with the removal of trees and other vegetation from the central reservation and verges. The clearance work was essentially complete by early December. At the end of January contractors started constructing new fencing.

Preparatory work continued through the spring and the site office proper was occupied in June 2012. The roadworks began in July with lane narrowing and other restrictions put in place after night time closures.

At the same time the GSJ with the Slaugham to Staplefield road was closed.


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