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A27/Chichester Bypass

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A27 Chichester Bypass
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From:  Fishbourne
To:  Temple Bar Interchange
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Chichester has had a few iterations of a bypass of the A27, however the current A27 isn't suitable anymore and is a major bottleneck on the A27 with no other alternatives of a east to west south coast road since the A259 runs through Chichester as well.
In the 1930s the bypass was built, it was originally single carriageway and bypass the city, during its length it had two roundabouts, four crossroads and one t junction.
In the 1940/1950s the southern side of the bypass was upgraded to a dual carriageway, later in the 1970s the east side was with the section over the railway being the last part to become a dual carriageway in the 1980s.
By 1980 the bypass had three roundabouts, three crossroads and one t junction.

1989 Havant to Chichester M27

in the late 1980s and early 1990s the bypass has seen most changes, with the western end of the bypass continuing as a D2 to nowadays expressway standards, however this increased the amount of traffic heading around the bypass. This reconfigured the western end of the bypass to have a roundabout instead of a crossroad and t junction with the A259, in addition to this one of the Crossroads was changed into a roundabout, only leaving one Crossroads on the bypass.

Westhampnett bypass

In 1993 the Westhampnett bypass was built on the eastern of the bypass. It connected into the Chichester bypass between Resort Hotel Roundabout and Oving Crossroads at a new roundabout called Portfield Roundabout. This now ment that to the east and west of chichester the A27 is a fast D2 road with GSJ but chichester is left behind with at-grade junctions, increasing the congestion on the Chichester bypass.

2010s suspended proposals

In 2010s there were plans to upgrade 4 parts of the A27, however studies showed that upgrading other parts of the A27 would be more beneficial than improving the Chichester bypass, this includes the Arundel Bypass which is only 7 miles eastward and is one of the only single carriageway sections of the A27 between the M27 and Brighton.
There were six options in total, ranging from upgrading the current bypass to rerouting the entire bypass.

Option 1

Two of the roundabouts (Fishbourne Roundabout, Bognor Road Roundabout would become GSJ, Portfield Roundabout would have some priorities changed while the rest roundabouts and junctions would become LILO junctions. It would take over three years, mostly to build the GSJ and a new bridge to accommodate a new slip road at Bognor Road Roundabout.

Option 1a

Same but the roundabouts would not be changed into LILO, apart from Oving Crossroads.

Option 2

Like with option 1, Fishbourne and Bognor roundabouts will become GSJ, however the Stockbridge and Whyke Roundabouts will be removed but the North-South roads that current connect to them will cross the A27 at a grade separated bridge. A new single carriageway road named Stockbridge Link Road would be built connecting to these North-South roads and terminating at either end at the Fishbourne and Bognor roundabouts with full access. This option would use the most land.

Option 2a

Stockbridge Link Road would not be a new road, but instead using existing roads with changes in priorities and potential destruction of properties in places.

Option 3

The cheapest and quickest option. Fishbourne and Bognor roundabouts would be signalised, Portfield roundabout would have priorities changed and the other junctions and roundabouts would be traffic light controlled LILO junctions.

Option 3a

The section between Fishbourne and Bognor roundabouts would become three lanes

Option 4

Option 4 is a new bypass of Chichester roughly 9.5km long, leaving the A27 west of Fishbourne heading north east at a y-junction, crossing the B2178 with no junction, then going between Lavant and Chichester where a new GSJ with the A286 would be created with full access. The road would then head eastwards along the current New Road between the South Downs national park and Goodwood aerodrome. It would then connect into the A27 roughly where the current Temple Bar Interchange. It would take roughly 2 years and almost all built offline, there would be no changes to the current Bypass in terms of alignment or junctions.

Option 5

Option 5 is very similar to Option 4, however the alignment of between the current A27 and the A286 is shorter in order to be more cost effective, however this plan cuts into an area designated for housing.

Option 6

Uses Option 2 for changes between Fishbourne and upto Bognor Roundabout, including the new road. From just before Bognor the road would take a new route, bypassing the east side of the bypass, it would tie back in at the current dumbbell interchange at Temple Bar.

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