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Thanet Way
From:  Clapham Hill, Whitstable (TR094641)
To:  Greenhill, Herne Bay (TR179668)
Distance:  6 miles (9.7 km)
Meets:  A299, A290, B2205, A291
Former Number(s):  A299
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A2990 Clapham Hill – Greenhill
One of the A2990's junctions with the A299 on (old) Thanet Way

The A2990 is essentially the old A299. Called Thanet Way. It was a by-pass of Whitstable and Herne Bay. However, as the A299 became a dual carriageway, this section was a major bottleneck. In 1998, a new Thanet Way opened and this road became the A2990. The road was marked in an S3 configuration when forming part of the A299 and clues to this can be gained from the wide single carriageway.

This route begins in much the same way as the A296 in Dartford ends: as a super slip road. The A299 veers to the right and we pass the sign for Seasalter where the road becomes S2. An exit slip to the eastbound A299 once left just afterwards; this has now been blocked off although it could still be used in an emergency. We negotiate a new roundabout serving housing estates and then, after roughly a mile of A2990, we come to a roundabout original to the A299 where we meet the B2205 for Whitstable and the A290 for Canterbury, which also provides access to the westbound slip roads on the new A299. A dualled section leads to the coastbound A299 onslip, then we cross a few fields before hitting the next of many roundabouts. This one is a small local one for a Tesco and other local destinations.

The road now passes lots of local roads and the Invicta FM Radio station building before we arrive at the next set of roundabouts by Chestfield Camp and Swalecliffe railway station. The first one is for Sainsbury's supermarket and the second provides access under the railway line to the B2205 for Whitstable and Herne Bay. We continue on our way alongside the railway line and there is another brief rural section as we pass between Whitstable and Herne Bay. We reach the next roundabout as we pass the edge of Greenhill village, where there is another connection with the B2205. The next section of road passes Eddington Business Park before we return to meet the A299 again. We encounter west-facing slip roads at the northern roundabout of a dumbbell, which is also the northern end of the A291 for Herne and Canterbury. The A2990 could end here, or could follow the eastbound onslip a short distance as far as the next roundabout, where the B2205 is met yet again. The westbound offslip at this junction is surprisingly long, yet one-way.

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