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A2 (Jersey)

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From:  St Helier (XD915791)
To:  A1/A11 junction (XD893780)
Distance:  2.2 miles (3.5 km)
Meets:  A1, B59, A1
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Route outline (key)
A2 St Helier - nr Millbrook

The A2 is the Victoria Avenue dual carriageway heading west out of St Helier along the coast. It bypasses the A1

Victoria Avenue

The A2 begins at a signalised junction where the A1 TOTSOs. Heading west, the dual carriageway runs with car parking to the south that separates it from the Prom, and a park to the north that separates it from the A1. After a short distance houses front onto the north side of Victoria Avenue. At the First Tower along the coast, there is a signalised junction with Link Road. Just as we leave St Helier, a third lane appears for traffic wanting to turn right at the signalised junction and head up the A11 via the B59 and A1 through Millbrook. After this junction, the end is nigh, with queuing traffic asked to use both lanes. The road narrows to S2 as it turns sharply inland and 50 yards later the central reservation disappears the road turns a corner and becomes the A1 without an actual junction.

Approaching the end

A2 (Jersey)
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