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A30/Launceston - Bodmin

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From:  Launceston (SX322837)
To:  Bodmin (SX036632)
Distance:  20.9 miles (33.6 km)
Meets:  A395, B3257
Old route now:  B3257
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Route outline (key)
East Arrownortheast.jpg Okehampton - Launceston
A30 Launceston - Bodmin
Arrowsouthwest.jpg West Bodmin - Redruth

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Launceston - Bodmin

After Launceston there is a junction for the village of Tregadillet with only East facing slip roads. The old road went through Tregeadillet and then onto a cross roads with the A395 and a local road at Kennards House. The old road still meets the A395, and the west facing slip roads are provided by the new Kennards House junction with the A395, which heads off towards the A39 near Davidstow (the home of the Cheese of the same name). The junction has full access thanks to roundabouts, and it is a rather good junction except that the Eastbound exit is cut short as it ends on a T-Junction with the A395 just west of the junction.

The road then descends in an odd section of road, where there are two at grade junctions. The first is where a local road to the village of Polyphant is met. The old route is taken by the Eastbound carriageway as shown by the simple T-Junction onto the A30 and then the very tight right corner imediately after. A new road was built for the Westbound traffic, which is obviously a better alignment. Sadly, local traffic has to swerve across the Eastbound carriageway to access the Westbound A30, and Westbound traffic has to cross over the Eastbound carriageway to get to Polyphant.

The next junction is a standard at grade dual carriage cross roads, but there isn't much traffic that uses it, so it isn't too bad. On the Westbound side, there is an old road layby, with a café, toilet block and parking, and the Eastbound side has a Public Weighbridge.

The B3257 meets the A30 at Plusha

The old route leaves us again towards Plusha, and the road climbs to meet the old allgnment again just west of Plusha. The old road now forms part of the B3257, which was realigned to take through traffic, instead of sending it towards Lewannick. The Eastbound carriageway then uses part of the old road towards Five Lanes with the Westbound side on a new alignment. At Trewint, there is another grade separated junction. The old road is the 1967 bypass and, makes up the eastbound slip road, where as a new roundabout was built on an existing road, with sliproads connected to it. This Junction marks the start of Bodmin Moor.

The Old A30 at Bolventor, left abandoned next to the bypass

The road starts to climb again, with a summit of 819 feet between Five Lanes and Bolventor. Whilst Bodmin Moor does not have the scale of Dartmoor, it is nevertheless very beautiful scenery. The road now uses a mixture old alignment for one lane and new alignment for the other, changing where it was deemed appropriate. There are a few at grade junctions, with the first for a small quarry and an abandoned petrol station, and the next allows access to a couple of local roads. Next there is a couple of grade separated ones as the new route moves over further into the moor, firstly for a farm, and then for Bolventor. The old road is clearly visible on the Westbound side, just before the westbound sliproad at Bolventor, as seen in the photo. Bolventor is known for the famous Jamaica Inn.

The next section was one of the two worst parts of the A30 since the Goss Moor Bypass, Temple. Now, drivers whistle through Temple which is in stark contrast to the years of congestion caused by a 3-mile stretch of single carriageway. There are a few junctions along the route with local places, like the lakes at Temple and a few houses along the route. Most other junctions are with realignments of the road along the route. After Temple, the road now becomes the start of the Bodmin bypass.

There are a couple of Petrol stations within 500 yards of each other. Both are on the Eastbound side and both are still open, one as a garage and the other still sells petrol and, has a café next door. As the road opens out, there is an at grade junction for Cardinham and Bodmin Airfield and then there is a local road that leaves the Eastbound side. The next Junction is with the old road which now leaves, but runs parallel with, the old road into Bodmin. From here it becomes an extremely well aligned section of road (Something the southern end of the M271 can only dream of). The road curves South where it meets the A38 for the first time since the M5. This only has East facing slip roads, due to the layout of the surrounding roads and building, and so that traffic is sent around a few roads before meeting the A38 proper at Carminnow Cross. The next junction at Carminnow Cross then has the West facing slip roads for the A38, where the majority of A38 traffic goes, and the A30 continues around a long sweeping right corner and then carries onto the Goss Moor bypass.


After Launceston, the only new alignments are to pass villages, as the rest of it is just an online improvement. Tregadillet, Five Lanes and Trewint, a random farm and Bolventor all see small bypasses with junctions utilising the old alignment on the side of the road that each place is. But, despite lying deep in Bodmin Moor, the junctions are mostly grade separated. Temple has always been bypassed by the A30, which was later upgraded to dual-carriageway status (2017).

The old route leaves the new one and goes onto the northern part of Carminow Cross and the A38, before heading along what is now two spurs of the A389 to the east and west of the town, joining to the old route at Innis Downs.

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