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From:  Halwell (SX775532)
To:  Dartmouth (SX867512)
Distance:  6.9 miles (11.1 km)
Meets:  A381, A379
Former Number(s):  B3207
Highway Authorities


Traditional Counties


Route outline (key)
A3122 Halwell - Dartmouth


The A3122 is effectively the main road into the sizeable and very pleasant coastal town of Dartmouth. Unlike the town's other main road, the A379, it isn't dependent on a ferry. Created in 1991, the A3122 was previously the eastern half of the B3207. The western section of the B3207, from Halwell to Modbury, also disappeared in 1991, but that section was downgraded rather than upgraded.

Halwell - Dartmouth

Halwell is a small village on the A381 about halfway between Totnes and Kingsbridge. From here the A3122 actually has two start points – one in the village and the other about half-a-mile south at Totnes Cross. No longer signed from the southbound A381 the A3122 runs east from the centre of Halwell by climbing a steep hill, with a weight restriction and limited access westbound. At the top of the hill this section gives way to what is effectively the A3122 proper from Totnes Cross.

Approaching Collaton Cross

For the next six miles or so into Dartmouth the A3122 runs over high ground with some twisty and narrow sections. About halfway along is Hemborough Post, the turning for Dittisham, there is a sharp ninety-degree bend to the right.

The road terminates at a mini-roundabout with the A379 at the western end of Dartmouth. Until a few years ago this was a classic TOTSO for the A379 as the mainline from the A3121 continued along the A379 down the steep hill past the Britannia Royal Naval College, to the Dartmouth Higher Ferry and town centre.

It is perhaps a little surprising that the A379 between Dartmouth to Kingsbridge, via the coastal route, wasn't downgraded to B road status as a result of the creation of the A3122.

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Former iterations: A3100

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