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From:  Brokenbridge Common Interchange (SO893332)
To:  Lydiate Ash (SO968753)
Meets:  M50, A4104, A4440, A44, A449, A4538, A4133, A442, M5, A448, M42, A491
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Route outline (key)
North Arrownorth.jpg Through Birmingham
A38 M5 J5 - Lydiate Ash
A38 Barbourne (Worcester) - M5 J5
A38 Worcester City Centre
A38 M50 J1 - Sidbury (Worcester)
Arrowsouthwest.jpg South Gloucester - Tewkesbury

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Tewkesbury - Kempsey

Heading northwards from Tewkesbury town centre, we begin the next leg of the A38 which will take us through the picturesque county of Worcestershire. The A438 first diverges off westwards before reaching the interchange with the M50. Like the other junctions on the M50 it is a compact and simple affair, although the parclo design seems a luxury compared to the junctions further down the motorway.

The road then continues northwards towards Worcester along the flood plains of the River Severn. Most of this road is covered by a 50mph limit however this becomes far more irregular as we approach the faithful city, quickly changing as we pass through numerous hamlets along the route. A short way into this section is the large staggered crossroads with the A4104, allowing access to Upton-upon-Severn and Pershore. This junction is frequently marred by incidents due to high levels of turning traffic, causing the local MP to request its conversion to a roundabout. There is nothing particarly significant between here and the outskirts of Worcester other than the village of Kempsey.

We reach Worcester at the Ketch Roundabout with the A4440. This roundabout has been subject to much criticism and rebuilds over the past couple of years due to a dangerous design that was introduced when it was rebuilt in 2014 to allow for dualling of the Southern Link Road (A4440).

Through Worcester

Crossing over the next roundabout, we then begin our descent into the city of Worcester — the cathedral an imposing presence over the city skyline. You can tell when you are close to the city centre as congestion will quickly build up! Our first experience of traffic will usually come as we reach the Sidbury traffic lights, where the busy London Road (A44) joins us.

The subsequent stage of the journey through the city centre will often take over 10 mins for a 1 mile journey. We quickly hit another set of traffic lights where the road turns right onto the dual carriageway that is City Walls Road; one must be careful to keep an eye out for the speed cameras that frequently catch out residents and visitors alike. Proceeding ahead through the next roundabout and following set of traffic lights, we then enter the one way system that takes us under Foregate St. railway station (traffic in the other direction does not pass the entrance to the station).

The A449 then joins us from the left as we pass along The Tything, a busy Victorian road lined with with small shops and terraces. The road then forks and the A38 and A449 part ways, as we bear left and pass an old toll house. Clearly we are now heading out of the city centre and it is not long before we reach the outskirts of the city.

Fernhill Heath - Wychbold

After passing under the Worcester North Link Road (A449) the A38 passes through the large village of Fernhall Heath. The road passes over the main railway line between Worcester and Droitwich Spa; the A4536 meets the road from the right as the A38 continues north-east. Heading out of the village, the road joins the alignment of an ancient Roman road, which it will now follow intermittently all the way to Birmingham. Passing through the hamlet of Martin Hussingtree, the A4538 joins from the right, taking traffic to/from M5 J6. The road then curves through a large undulating dip in the landscape, where there is a large lay-by formed of an old alignment, as well as a historic milepost on the opposing side of the road. Upon reaching the brow of the hill (which is often the cause of jack-knifed lorries in icy conditions), we reach the Roman brine town of Droitwich Spa.

Wychbold - Lydiate Ash

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